Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter

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    Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter

    Perfect for tricky measurements up ladders or on a roof, the Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter is a great tool for any solar installers.

    Pocket sized for easier portability, holding and use, the PVM210 can be used to determine the optimal angle and position for solar panels and to measure solar panels power levels up to 1999W/m² (634 BTU).

    Once you’ve got a stable reading, freeze it on the PVM210’s screen with the dedicated data hold button. It also includes an automatic power off function which will switch off the meter should it accidentally be left on for a prolonged period of time.

    This solar irradiance meter can also be used hands-free thanks to a universal camera thread mount on the back of the tester.

    • Pocket-sized solar irradiance measurement tool
    • Determine the optimal incident angle and position of solar panels
    • Measure solar power levels to 1999W/m² (634 BTU)
    • 3 and ¾ LCD display
    • Camera mount on back of the tester for accurate placement
    • Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter
    • Batteries
    • Carrying Pouch
    • Calibration Certificate