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Become a Test Lead Stockist

Megger MFT17xx Compatible Non-Fused Lead Set

Around 10 years ago ‘The Calibration Centre’ launched their own range of test leads. Working closely with a UK based manufacturer means we can offer a quality product at a competitive price with OEM quality.

We have sold literally thousands of sets of leads, mainly direct to electricians or via wholesalers who send the meters in for calibration, however until now wholesalers have not been able to take advantage of ‘stockist’ terms.

We have leads to suit all the popular test meters such as the Fluke 165x series and the Megger MFT’s – All we ask for is a commitment of 20 lead sets, made up of any combination of the 8 different sets we offer. In exchange we will offer a 40% discount off the RRP & FREE carriage (trade price discount for one off orders is 20% plus a £5 carriage charge).

We will also provide you with POS displays to display them on your trade counter, as well as leaflet holders stocked with A5 colour leaflets, etc. – All the leads are attractively packaged in blister packs with a product matrix on the back for easy reference.

What to do now

If your interested in getting on board, then browse the available leadsets below. Remember, as long as you order a mix’n’match of 20 sets, you will qualify for the cheaper ‘stockist’ prices – repeat orders only need to contain a mix’n’match of 5 leadsets These are fast becoming popular, with wholesalers reporting a 100% increase in test lead sales once the stock is out on display!

Product Code Description
- Budget 2-Wire Lead Set - Suit DMM’s/Clamps, etc
- Replaces all standard Digital Multimeter & Clamp Meter leads
- Red/Black Leads
- Red/Black Slim Probes
- Deluxe 2-Wire Lead Set
- Red/Black Croc Clips
- Replaces Kewtech ACC020, Robin SL20, DiLog TL1000
- Red/Black Test Leads
- Red/Black Shrouded Probes
- Deluxe Fused 2-Wire Lead Set
- Red/Black Fused Shrouded Probes
- Replaces Kewtech ACC050, Robin SL50, DiLog FL250C
- Fluke 165x compatible 3 way lead set:
- Red/Blue Green Croc Clips Probes
- Replaces Fluke TL165X
- Red/Blue/Green Leads
- Red/Blue/Green 10A Fused
- 13A Mains Plug to 3 x 4mm Red/Blue/green plugs
- Replaces Fluke MTC1363, Megger 6220-110, Kewtech KAMP12, DiLog ML9073
- Megger MFT15xx compatible lead set
- Suits MFT1501, 02 & 02/2 series
- Suits MFT1552/1553
- Replaces Megger 6220-796, DiLog LS3W9073
- Red/Black/Green Test Leads
- Red/Black/Green Croc Clips
- Red/Black/Green probes
- Megger MFT17xx compatible lead set:
- Suits MFT1710/20/30 series
- Suits Fluke 165x series (non fused option)
- Replaces Megger 1001-991, Kewtech ACC065
- Red/Blue/Green Test Leads
- Red/Blue/Green Croc Clips
- Red/Blue/Green probes
- Distribution Board Lead Set:
- Fused croc clips & probes
- Replaces Kewtech ACC016E
- IEC Mains Connector
- Earth Neutral piggy back for 2 wire testing