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Test Leads

Megger 1001-991B MFT Replacement 3 Wire Test Lead Set

A major influence on your test equipments’ accuracy is the condition and suitability of the test leads.

Using the correct test leads in good condition can massively improve the accuracy and repeatability of your measurements. Too often we see testers with poor quality test leads or damaged leads that make calibration virtually impossible!

If you are suffering from inconsistent readings, inabaility to properly null the meter (especially on continuity functions), poor fitment and exposed wiring then take a look at our range of custom made test leads and accessories.

We work closely with a UK manufacturer to offer a full range of test leads that complement the most common testers on the market today.

All leads are GS38 compliant as well as satisfying the requirements of IEC1010 – all cables are double insulated silicon and tip caps supplied as standard as and when required. The leads have undergone rigorous testing and meet exacting quality standards.