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Megger PAT420 PAT Tester

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    Megger PAT420 PAT Tester

    The Megger PAT420 PAT Tester is a professional-grade PAT tester that’s also the upgraded version of the Megger PAT410.

    New features exclusive to this model include a wider range of earth bond/continuity test currents (200mA, 10A and 20A) to test a wider amount of appliances at full strength (or use the low current 200mA test for IT equipment) and this tester also comes as standard with its own 110V appliance connector, meaning there’s absolutely no external adapters required to test your 110V appliances! The 110V connector makes the Megger PAT420 an excellent choice for those working on construction sites or other areas where 110V tools are regularly used*.

    Megger’s PAT420 PAT tester is designed to help you create a comprehensive record of your testing results, customers and appliance IDs. With built-in 10,000 record memory storage, a full QWERTY keyboard for making text entries and full support for optional barcode scanners and printers for easier asset management/label printing, the PAT420 provides everything you need for cataloging your PAT testing results.

    Downloading from the PAT420 is simple; just plug in a USB stick, download onto it, and plug into your PC. Results can be exported in CSV format (compatible with programs such as Microsoft Excel) or alternatively you can invest in optional Megger Powersuite software (or third party software such as Simply Pats) to create a full database of your results and gain the ability to create reports and certificates based on your PAT testing data.

    The Megger PAT410 is designed to do absolutely all basic PAT tests in accordance with the IT code of practice, as well as more specialist testing modes. It can test both 230 and 110V appliances and includes testing modes such as earth bond/continuity at 200mA, 10A and 25A, insulation testing at 250V and 500V and performs substitute, differential and touch current leakage tests. This tester can also be used for testing extension leads and will check earth bond, insulation, polarity and portable RCDs.

    With the PAT420, you can take full control over PAT testing. You can either use the built-in automatic testing routines to speed up your testing, or take full manual control of your tests and adjust the testing times, or the pass limits of appliances.

    If you’re looking for a professional-grade PAT tester that’ll help you test all appliances faster, and let you log all information ready for analysis on a PC, look no further than Megger’s PAT420.

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    • The upgraded version of the Megger PAT410 – even more features for professional PAT testers!
    • Earth bond/continuity testing at 200mA, 10A and 25A, catering for a wide variety of appliances
    • Built-in 110V connector – no need to use external 110V adapters
    • Keep track of all of your measurement results with 10,000 record built-in memory storage
    • Download testing results to PC in CSV format (compatible with Excel) or purchase Megger’s optional Powersuite software for full database management
    • Easy asset management using the tester using built-in QWERTY keyboard and function keys
    • Manual and automatic testing modes – speed up your testing with automatic test routines, or adjust testing times and pass limits in manual mode
    • Insulation testing at 250V and 500V
    • Substitute, differential and touch current leakage tests
    • Operational VA test
    • Earth bond, insulation, polarity and extension lead tests
    • Portable RCD tests
    • Built-in lead storage pouch
    • Full colour, large-size VGA screen
    • Can be used with optional barcode scanners and printers (sold separately)
    • Megger PAT420 Downloadable PAT Tester
    • Printed Quick Start Guide
    • Full User Guide on CD
    • Calibration Certificate
    • Continuity/Earth Bond Lead Probe
    • Extension Lead Adaptor (13A)
    • Carry Case w/ Lead/Document Pouch
    • Plug Adaptor IEC C6 – C13 (3 Way 5A PSU)