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Megger MPU690 2-Pole Tester Proving Unit

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    Megger MPU690 2-Pole Tester Proving Unit

    This Megger MPU690 2-Pole Tester Proving Unit is used in combination with two-pole voltage testers to verify that they are safe for use both before and after testing periods.

    The MPU690 is a portable, lightweight unit with two integrated ports designed to house the probe tips of a voltage tester. Once the probes are inserted into these holes and the MPU690 is activated it will test voltage levels in five steps – 50, 100, 230, 400 and 690V. When each voltage passes the proving unit’s tests an LED light will switch on on the front of the tester.

    Designed to work automatically whenever its needed, the MPU690 will power on once testing probes are inserted into the unit and it will then simulate a 50Hz output voltage designed to represent AC mains supply.

    Despite carrying Megger’s branding the MPU690 is perfectly acceptable for use with other makes and models of two-pole voltage testers.

    • 5 stepped nominal output voltages
    • Automatic operation
    • High output power suitable for test lamps
    • Extended battery life
    • Magnetic base