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Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Tester & EVCA210 Kit

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    Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Tester & EVCA210 EV Adaptor

    The MFT-X1 introduces our first generation of platform based, user upgradeable MFTs, to add to the existing Megger MFT1700 range of multifunction testers. It has been designed and manufactured at our Dover factory in the UK, incorporating a host of new features based on years of customer input. With the MFT-X1, we now offer True Loop™, our industry leading loop impedance test with patented Confidence Meter™ technology, full CertSuite™ compatibility – to make certificate generation a breeze – high resolution loop testing, stabilised insulation voltage output, full colour screen and new operator interface are now standard. The user upgradeable operating software ensures the MFT-X1 has the ability to adapt to regulation changes and make it the perfect instrument for fast, reliable, accurate and adaptable testing.

    Intended for use on all low voltage electrical installations including EV charge points and domestic photo-voltaic systems, the range of test capabilities allow for general commissioning of installations and periodic maintenance as well as detailed fault diagnostics.

    • Designed for the electrical testing of single and 3-phase installations.
    • Brand new features including full colour screen, RCD configurator and EV charge point testing.
    • Fully compatible with CertSuite™ for easy certificate generation and reporting.
    • TrueLoop™ measurement using patented confidence meter.
    • Never be without power with our quick-remove battery pack and rechargeable battery option.


    Key Features

    • True Loop™:
      True Loop™ impedance testing is now a standard feature on the MFT-X1. The latest 3-wire non-trip loop testing technology, incorporated with the patented Confidence
      Meter™, offers an unmatched, reliable, accurate, stable and repeatable loop test solution to the user, allowing testing in the most hostile high noise conditions or close
      to the source of supply. The technology also removes the risk of RCD uplift whilst reducing typical test times – even on circuits protected by 6 mA or 10 mA protective devices.



    • Patented Confidence Meter™ Technology:
      All loop impedance ranges are now supported by the Megger patented Confidence Meter technology, reducing typical test times for non-trip loop testing to around 7 seconds on quiet circuits, and providing optimised test times for loop impedance testing in difficult noisy supplies. The Confidence Meter shows the progress of the loop measurement and indicates the presence of noise on the circuit, removing erroneous values to give a stable and consistent result.
    • Cert Suite™ Compatabiltity:
      The MFT-X1 is the first fully integrated instrument for use on the CertSuite™ software platform. Test results can be tagged in the instrument and transferred directly to any
      test certificate or report open on an IOS® or Android® mobile device running the CertSuite™ App. Professional certificates and reports can be completed on-site by
      multiple users with the confidence the data is protected by the cloud-based application*.

    *CertSuite is available on a monthly or yearly subscription



    • RCD Configurator:
      RCD testing can now be optimised with the RCD configurator, allowing the user to select only those elements of an RCD test required to be completed in the
      auto-RCD test mode.
    • EV Charge Point Testing:
      Suitable for both EV charger installation testing with either RCD Type B or RDC protected charge points. The MFT-X1 in conjunction with the Megger EVCA
      adaptor can test all known EV chargers for installation or maintenance.



    • Stabilised Insulation Test Voltage:
      For the first time in any multifunction tester, the MFT-X1 incorporates a stabilised insulation test voltage, ensuring output voltage is accurate to within +2% +2 digits. This
      compares to the industry standard of +20% and so provides a more accurate test voltage without the risk of over-voltage damage to circuits or sensitive components.
    • Current Measurement:
      The MFT-X1 uses current clamps for current measurement using the optional Megger MCC1010 current clamp for measurement of AC currents from 1 mA to 1000 A.
    • Operating System Upgrades:
      A user upgradable operating system – using a standard microSD card – helps future-proofing the MFT-X1 against changing regulations or testing requirements.
    • Display & User Interface:
      The user interface utilises the flexibility of the high contrast 480 x 272 colour, TFT bonded display, with a monochrome black on white mode designed specifically
      for use in difficult lighting conditions. Enhancing the colour coded test selection rotary dial, range selection is now replicated on the instrument screen, ensuring easy use in poor lighting environments. Hot keys for second level functions are clearly shown across the top of each screen and the second control dial provides users with a further quick selection option of any highlighted feature, even if wearing protective gloves. Relevant information is clearly shown on the display, both before and after each test, in full colour, and includes the Confidence Meter™ progress bar, RCD ramp test progress as well as the insulation and continuity measurement bar graph. The new Voltage Widget, displays the L-N, L-E and N-E voltages.
    • Always-On with Modula battery technology:
      The Megger MFT-X1 can be used with either the Megger Li-ION battery pack, or the AA NiMH or Alkaline battery technologies*. The unique battery pack solution enables
      the rechargeable 4 Ahr Li-ION pack to be swapped with the AA carrier module, providing the most flexible and fastest battery change solution in the industry. A
      smart fuel tank chip technology optimises battery status accuracy on the Li-ION pack.

    *available after launch


    • Graphical Assistance:
      The instrument has context help to provide graphical circuit connection guidance for each of the measurements.
    • Accessories:
      The MFT-X1 is shipped in a rugged, weather-proof carry case offering outstanding protection and flexible storage. Also included is a complete set of test leads to meet the
      wide range of connection challenges in modern electrical systems.MFT-X1 Multifunction tester.

      Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Tester Key Features

      • Megger’s first platform-based multifunction installation tester
      • Check single- and three-phase domestic, commercial, and industrial electrical installations
      • CAT IV 300V
      • Carry out detailed fault diagnostics
      • Complete all commissioning and routine maintenance
      • Fulfil reporting/certification requirements
      • True Loop™ tests with a patented Confidence Meter™
      • Next-generation two-wire and three-wire non-trip loop testing
      • High resolution 0.001Ω loop tests
      • Automatic volt-drop measurements
      • Configurable RCD and EV auto-sequence tests
      • Stabilised insulation test voltage to within +2% +2 digits
      • Use with Megger’s MCC1010 Current Clamps to measure AC current between 1mA and 1000 A
      • RCD configurator
      • Use with Megger’s EVCA Adapter to test all known EV chargers
      • High-contrast, 480 x 272px colour, TFT bonded display
      • Monochrome black and white display mode
      • The display changes colour depending on the test selected
      • Hot keys for second-level functions are indicated at the top of the display
      • Rotary dial for selecting tests
      • Secondary dial for selecting options
      • Easy to use even when wearing protective gloves
      • Relevant information is displayed before and after every test
      • Graphical circuit connection guidance for each test
      • Upgradable operating system
      • CertSuite™ compatible
      • Modular battery design enables use with a Li-Ion battery pack, AA NiMH batteries, and alkaline batteries
      • Fast, flexible battery changes maximise uptime
      • An industry-leading MFT with eclectic testing capabilities and practical features

      What’s Included?

      • Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Tester
      • Megger EVCA210 EV Adaptor
      • Type 1 & Type 2 EV Adaptor Cables
      • SP5 Switched Test Probe
      • Red Test Lead, Probes, Clips, and Grabbers
      • Blue Test Lead, Probe, Clips, and Grabbers
      • Li-Ion Battery 4400 mAh
      • Li-Ion Battery Charger
      • SIA 10 Mains Socket Interface Adapter (UK)
      • Neck Strap
      • Multipurpose Hard Base Carry Case
      • Carry case for the EVCA210
      • Quick Start Guide
      • Calibration Certificate (from Megger)



    • Designed for testing EVSE Installations
    • Automatic test sequences for EVSE RCDs
    • Confidence Meter: indicates the confidence in the accuracy of the loop impedance result
    • Troubleshoot and verify the installation and safety of industrial, commercial and fixed wiring installations
    • Includes all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for the aforementioned electrical systems
    • Ideal for testing low voltage electrical installations in areas with high electrical noise
    • Suitable for conducting full single- and three-phase compliant insulation testing
    • Conduct single- and three-phase RCD testing between 10mA and 1A
    • New non-trip loop impedance technology
    • Test 10mA type AC and A RCDs
    • Prevents RCDs from influencing total loop impedance values
    • Non-trip loop impedance tests can be performed in eight seconds
    • Confidence Meter improves reliability: digital ARC indicates the analytical process, and the measurement is continually monitored and adjusted in reference to the circuit noise
    • Test EVSE RCDs
    • 6mA DC test (requires OPTIONAL accessory) for testing EVSE RCDs
    • Large, clear backlit display
    • Digital/ analogue arc indicates fluctuating readings
    • Dual digital readout: indicates the precise reading and the test parameters simultaneously
    • Internal memory: capacity for 1000 readings
    • Download measurements via Bluetooth
    • Colour coded function controls
    • No complicated screens
    • No hidden menus
    • Ambidextrous design: TEST and LOCK buttons on either side of the unit
    • Automatic test start: frees up the user’s hands for holding probes
    • Can stand independently
    • Can be hung around the operator’s neck using the included neck strap
    • Internal rechargeable batteries: recharge in under four hours
    • Rubber over-mould for protection in tough environments
    • IP54
    • EN61010 CAT IV safety rated: can withstand accidental misuse and voltage transients
    • Can be connected anywhere within the low voltage network on single and three-phase systems
    • Visual and audible warning when hazardous voltages are detected
    • Displays the voltage value when a live voltage is detected during insulation and continuity tests
    • When the detected voltage exceeds a safe level testing will be stopped and a warning beep is issued
    • A versatile, practical and reliable electrical tester

    Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Tester Technical Specifications

    Voltage Measurement
    Voltage range0.001 V to 2 V (mV range) 2 V to 600 V (V range), 1000 V DC (on-CAT rated circuits)
    Voltage typeTrms, AC, DC
    Phase sequenceAutomatic phase sequence testing on detection of valid three phase supplies
    Current Measurement (non-contact)
    AC TrmsUsing optional accessories: MCC1010 current clamp
    Measurement RangeMCC1010: 1 mA to 300 A
    Measurement range Digital display0.01 Ω to 999 kΩ Auto-ranging
    Measurement Range Analogue arc0 Ω to 1 MΩ log scale
    Test voltage4 V DC to 5 V DC
    Test current (Nominal)>200 mA 0 Ω >< 2 Ω
    10 mA
    Auto reduction on high resistance (actual current reported in display)
    Test polaritiesForward polarity
    Buzzer resistance range> 0.01 Ω < 2 kΩ
    Buzzer threshold0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200 Ω
    Insulation Testing
    Measurement range Digital display0.001 MΩ to 999 MΩ Auto-ranging
    Measurement range Analogue arc0.001 MΩ to >1000 MΩ log scale
    Insulation test voltages50 V DC to 1000 V DC + Variable 50 V to 999 V
    Test current1 mA to 2 mA
    Stabilised output voltageOutput test voltage stabilised to -0% +2% +2 V
    Loop Impedance Testing
    2 Wire – all modes
    Test typesMode 1: Non-Trip
    Mode 2: High current
    Mode 3: High resolution
    ResolutionNon-Trip: 0.01 Ω
    High current: 0.01 Ω
    High resolution: 0.001 Ω
    Voltage rangeNon-trip: 48 V AC to 280 V AC
    High current: 48 V AC to 550V AC
    High resolution: 48 V AC to 550 V AC
    Frequency range45 Hz to 65 Hz (all modes)
    PhasesNon-trip: Single phase
    High current: Three phase
    High resolution: Three phase
    3 wire – non-trip
    Test typesRCD (non-trip)
    RCD EV (non-trip on 6mA EV RDCs)
    Resolution0.01 Ω
    Voltage range48 V AC to 280 V
    Frequency range45 Hz to 65 Hz
    PhasesSingle phase
    Volt Drop
    Volt drop calculationRequires Zref (Ze) and circuit current (I-vdrop)
    AccuracyDependent on loop impedance accuracy
    RCD Testing
    RCD types supportedType AC, A, B, AC(S), A(S), B(S)
    Auto RCD sequence1/2x I∆n, 1x I∆n, 2x I∆n, 5x I∆n, Ramp, 0º/180º
    (customer configurable)
    Ramp testing10 mA to 1000 mA
    RDC testing6 mA RDC
    Fault (Touch) voltage0 V to 253 V
    Earth Testing
    2 wire2 wire earth resistance test

    Megger MFT-X1 Datasheet