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TCCPVKIT5 – Thermal Solar Installation, Survey & Test Kit

£530.00 Inc VAT: £636.00


    TCCPVKIT5 – Thermal Solar Installation, Survey & Test Kit

    The TCCPVKIT4 Solar PV Tool Kit is a professional standard Solar PV installation and testing kit that is ideal for pre-testing, installation & surveying of new solar PV installations as well as identifying problems within existing installations using the thermal camera. Solar panels require regular maintenance, which is where thermal imaging can provide an efficient solution to many of the challenges posed. Using the instruments within the kit you can measure your irradiance. Use the DL6402 to measure your open circuit voltage (Voc) and the DL6402 Clamp to monitor the short circuit current (Isc) up to 1000A DC. The Eco V Camera used thermal imaging which is capable of showing a number of problems. such as defects in cells (impurities/gas pockets or cracks), temporary shadowing (dirt, pollution, humidity, bird droppings), defective bypass diode, or faulty interconnections.

    Most problems will show as a hot spot or cold spot although defective bypass diodes display as a ‘patchwork’ pattern

    In addition the TCCKIT5is also supplied with a crimping tool for MC4 connectors as well as MC4 spanners to easily tighten the connectors. Comes in a rugged tool case with room for additional equipment if required.

    TCCPVKIT5 Key Features

    • Hikmicro Eco V Thermal Imaging Camera – use to show anomolies when comparing one panel against others.
    • SM206 Solar Irradiance Meter is essential for determining the optimal position for setting up solar PV panels
    • DiLOG DL6402 1000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter for measuring open circuit voltage (Voc) and short circuit current (Isc)
    • DiLOG DL9206 Professional Autoranging Multimeter
    • Professional MC4 Crimping tool for the correct fitting of both male and female MC4 connectors
    • MC4 Solar Spanners for tightening the MC4 connectors and speeding up the installation process
    • MC4 Test Lead Set Leads allow for the safe connection of the clamp/multimeter or voltage detector to a PV system

    TCCPVLKIT5 – What’s Included?

    • 14″ Rugged Carry Case
    • Hikmicro Eco V Thermal Imaging Camera
    • Sm206 Solar Irradiance Meter
    • Di-Log DL6402 Clamp
    • Di-Log DL9206 Multimeter
    • MC4 Crimping Tool
    • MC4 Spanners
    • MC4 Test Leads
    • User Manuals
    • Complete with equipment required for commissioning & surveying Solar PV installations
    • Includes MC4 test leads, MC4 crimping tool and spanners
    • Includes Thermal Camera, Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Crimp Tool, Irradiance Meter, Test Leads, Spanners & Carry Case
    • Product NameSolar Power Meter
      Resolution0.1W/m2, 0.1 Btu/(ft2-h)
      Display4-1/2LCD display, maximum displayed numerical value 19999
      Error range± (10%R+2dgts) R:readings
      Temperature error±0.38W/m2 / ℃ [ ±0.12 Btu/(ft2-h)/℃] deviation at 25℃
      Overload display“OL”
      Range0.1-1999.9 W/m2,  0.1-1999.9 Btu/(ft2-h)
      Sampling time0.25t/s

      Operation temperature and humidity

      0°C to 40°C     <80%RH
      Storage temperature and humidity-10°C to 50°C     <70%RH
      Drift<±1.5% /year
      Dimensions and weight132(L) x 60(W) x 38 (H)mm
      Weightapprox. 150g
      Power Supply9V battery(NOT included)
      Battery operation lifeApprox. 100 hours

    Eco V Data Sheet