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TCCPVKIT2 – Solar Installation Kit

£190.00 Inc VAT: £228.00


    TCCPVKIT2 – Standard Solar Installation & Test Kit

    The TCCPVKIT Solar PV Tool Kit is a standard Solar PV installation and testing kit that is ideal for installation & commissioning of new solar PV installations. Using the instruments within the kit you can measure your irradiance. Also use the DL6402 to measure your open circuit voltage (Voc). Comes in a rugged tool case with room for additional equipment if required.

    TCCPVKIT2 Key Features

    • SM206 Solar Irradiance Meter is essential for determining the optimal position for setting up solar PV panels
    • DiLOG DL9206 Professional Autoranging Multimeter
    • MC4 Test Lead Set Leads allow for the safe connection of the clamp/multimeter or voltage detector to a PV system

    TCCPVLKIT2 – What’s Included?

    • 14″ Rugged Carry Case
    • Sm206 Solar Irradiance Meter
    • Di-Log DL9206 Multimeter
    • MC4 Test Leads
    • User Manuals
    • Complete with equipment required for installing Solar PV installations
    • Includes Multimeter, Irradiance Meter & MC4 Test Leads
    • Comes in a rugged Carry Case
    • Product NameSolar Power Meter
      Resolution0.1W/m2, 0.1 Btu/(ft2-h)
      Display4-1/2LCD display, maximum displayed numerical value 19999
      Error range± (10%R+2dgts) R:readings
      Temperature error±0.38W/m2 / ℃ [ ±0.12 Btu/(ft2-h)/℃] deviation at 25℃
      Overload display“OL”
      Range0.1-1999.9 W/m2,  0.1-1999.9 Btu/(ft2-h)
      Sampling time0.25t/s

      Operation temperature and humidity

      0°C to 40°C     <80%RH
      Storage temperature and humidity-10°C to 50°C     <70%RH
      Drift<±1.5% /year
      Dimensions and weight132(L) x 60(W) x 38 (H)mm
      Weightapprox. 150g
      Power Supply9V battery(NOT included)
      Battery operation lifeApprox. 100 hours