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Seaward PV150 Complete Solarlink Installation Test Kit

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    Seaward PV150 Complete Solarlink Test Kit

    The ultimate kit for testing and documenting solar photovoltaic installations.

    Including everything you’ll need for testing quickly, safely and easily, this bundle pack is absolutely essential for any professional solar installer and ensures all work is completed to the requirements of IEC 62446.

    With this bundle, you’ll also be able to wirelessly connect between the PV150 and Solar Survey 200R meters to enable irradiance to be displayed and irradiance, module and ambient temperature to be recorded, even when electrical tests are being conducted.

    One instrument that does it all – the PV150 is a multifunctional solar tester made to ensure that PV installers can perform all the measurements they need using just one instrument.

    With the PV150, you’ll be able to test earth and ground continuity, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, insulation resistance, DC operating power, operational current, polarity, earth test lead null and – by combining together with the Seaward Solar Survey 200R – Measure irradiance levels, ambient temperature plus roof pitch and orientation with this tester!

    A data logging meter, the 200R can store up to 5000 individual testing records, with a battery life that lasts for up to 20000 readings. All data can be easily transferred to PC via USB connection and interacted with using Seaward’s SolarCert software (included with this kit).

    The 200R is capable of wirelessly interfacing with the PV150 to seamlessly send data to the PV150 for more complete documentation.

    The tester even includes integrated memory, allowing up to 200 complete test records to be stored on the instrument. Once done testing, connect the tester directly to PC via USB connection and interact with your testing data using SolarCert Elements software (included as part of this kit) to create professional reports and certificates.

    Why buy the PV150 multifunction solar PV test kit?

    • Save time using a number of different measuring tools in the field with this fast and comprehensive solar PV tester.
    • The PV150 features a safe test connection meaning you can safely test energised arrays.
    • The unit can also wirelessly capture and record real time irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature measurements from the Solar Survey 200R.
    • 200 datasets can be stored on the PV150 and downloaded to the SolarCert software so you can create professional reports for your customers.


    Seaward PV150 Solar Installation Tester Key Features

    • Combines all test procedures required by IEC 62446 standards
    • Integrated memory storage for up to 200 records
    • USB connectivity for data transfer
    • Solarlink technology – wirelessly interface with Seaward Solar Survey 200R
    • Single key test and measurements
    • Safe test connection with energised PV arrays
    • Ground continuity measurements
    • Ground test lead null (up to 10Ω) for long test leads
    • PV string open circuit voltage measurements up to 1000V DC
    • Open circuit voltage polarity indication
    • PV string short circuit current measurements up to 15A DC
    • PV array insulation testing at 250, 500 and 1000V
    • Rugged and robust design


    Seaward Solar Survey 200R Key Features

    • Measures irradiance levels
    • Measures ambient temperature
    • Measures roof pitch and orientation
    • Rugged, durable device
    • Suitable use for continuous measurements
    • Store up to 5000 test records
    • SolarLink technology allows the device to wirelessly interface with Seaward PV150 Solar Installation Tester
    • LCD display
    • Battery life lasts for more than 20000 readings
    • Auto shut down when left idle for two minutes
    • Selectable sampling rate when capturing data
    • USB port for downloading stored testing data

    What’s included?

    • Seaward PV150+ Solar Installation Tester
    • Seaward Solar Survey 200R Irradiance Meter
    • AC/DC Clamp Meter
    • Seaward Solar Survey 200R Mounting Bracket
    • 2x MC4 Test Lead Adapters
    • 2x Combiner Box Test Probes and Detachable Alligator Clips (MC4)
    • SolarCert PC Software
    • Rugged Carry Bag
    • Quick Start Guide
    • UKAS Calibration Certificate

    Seaward Solar Survey 200R Technical Specifications

    Display Range0 – 1500 W/m-2 or 0 – 500 BTU/hr-ft2
    Measurement Range100 – 1250 W/m-2 or 30 – 400 BTU/hr-ft2
    Resolution1 BTU/hr-ft2 / 1W/m-2
    Display Range-30°C to +125°C
    Measurement Ranges-30°C to +125°C
    Display Range0° to 360°
    Measurement Ranges0° to 360°
    Display Range0° to 90°
    Measurement Ranges0° to 90°
    Sample Rate1 to 60 minutes (user definable)
    DataloggingDownload utility software included
    ConnectivityCompatible with SolarCert Elements software (version 1.1)

    USB download to PC

    Wireless ‘SolarlinkTM’ to PV150 (range c. 100m / 330 ft)

    DisplayCustom LCD
    Power Supply2AA Alkaline Batteries
    Battery Life>20000 readings
    Auto Power DownAfter 2 Minutes
    Warranty2 Years
    Calibration1 Year

    Seaward Solar PV150 Technical Specifications

    Ground Continuity
    Display Range0.00Ω to 199Ω
    Measuring Range0.01Ω to 199Ω
    Resolution0.01Ω maximum
    Open Circuit Test Voltage4VDC, nominal
    Short Circuit Test Current>200mA (as per IEC 61557-4)
    Test Lead CompensationNull out up to 10Ω
    User ProtectionWarning and test inhibited if ≥ 30V AC/DC detected at
    Insulation Resistance
    Display Range0.05MΩ to 199MΩ
    Measuring Range0.05MΩ to 199MΩ
    Resolution0.01MΩ maximum
    Open Circuit Test Voltage250V, 500V, 1000VDC (as per IEC 61557-2)
    Short Circuit Test Current>1mA, <2mA s/c as per IEC 61557-2
    Visible Warning≥ 30V AC or DC at inputs
    Open Circuit Voltage
    Display Range0.0VDC to 1000VDC
    Measuring Range5.0VDC to 1000VDC
    Resolution0.1V maximum
    EnunciatorsDC voltage polarity correct or reversed
    Short Circuit Current
    Display Range0.0ADC – 15.00ADC
    Measurement Range0.5ADC – 15.00ADC
    Operating Current (Using AC/DC Current Clamp)
    Display Range0.0A – 40A
    Measurement Range0.5ADC – 40A
    Resolution0.1A max
    DC Operating Power
    Display Range0.0kW – 40.0kW
    Measurement Range0.1kW – 40.0kW
    Datalogging & Connectivity
    DataloggingUp to 200 complete test datasets
    Download utility software included
    Compatible with SolarCert Elements software
    (version 1.1)
    ConnectivityUSB download to PC
    Wireless ‘SolarlinkTM’ to Survey 200R (range c. 100m/ 330ft)
    General Specifications
    DisplayCustom LCD with backlight
    Power Supply6 x 1.5V Alkaline LR06
    Battery Life>1000 test sequences
    Auto Power DownUser Programmable

    Seaward PV150 Datasheet