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Seaward PrimeTest 100 PAT Tester

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    Seaward PrimeTest 100 PAT Tester

    The Seaward PrimeTest 100 PAT Tester, an upgraded version of the PrimeTest 50, is a portable, easy-to-use portable appliance tester that is ideal for everyone from PAT professionals carrying out low volume testing to those new to the PAT testing market.

    Incredibly compact (one of the smallest PAT testers on the market), the PrimeTest 100 is easy to port from test to test and doesn’t require you to move appliances to the tester in order to evaluate electrical safety. It’s also designed with simplicity in mind – the PrimeTest 100 only has three buttons on the front and each of these is clearly labelled as being suitable for Class I, Class I or Cord testing procedures.

    Thanks to the three-button structure of this PAT tester, performing a test is easy, even for those new to the PAT testing field. Simply connect up an appliance (using the diagram as reference) and the PT100 will carry out the necessary tests to check that appliance’s overall safety. Tests that this instrument can perform are earth continuity, insulation, IEC lead testing, equivalent leakage and power socket testing procedures.

    The results of taken tests are displayed directly on a large-size LCD screen integrated into the front of the tester. Unlike the PrimeTest 50 the PrimeTest 100 displays the test as a full value, rather than just pass/fail readings. Pass/fail is still displayed, but the full reading allows the user to get a better idea of exactly how the appliance under test is operating.

    A built-in socket tester is also included in the PT100, allowing users to check that the mains supply of an outlet has been wired correctly.

    This product is perfect for a wide variety of users including maintenance staff, retail, any low volume application, bed and breakfasts/smaller hotels and PAT testing beginners.

    • Compact, lightweight design
    • Simple operation – even for PAT testing beginners
    • Suitable for different testing types
    • Full testing result display – once a test is completed this PAT tester will show the result as a full numerical reading as well as displaying a pass/fail value for reference
    • Battery powered – don’t worry about needing a mains outlet; the PrimeTest 100 can be taken wherever you need it
    • Seaward PrimeTest 100 PAT Tester
    • Soft Carry Case
    • Earth Bond Test Lead with Crocodile Clip
    • IEC Lead
    • 6 x AA Batteries
    • Instruction Manual
    • PATGuard Evaluations Software Package (Free Trial)