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Metrel A2214 Ring Continuity Adaptor

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    Metrel A2214 Ring Continuity Adaptor

    The A 2214 Ring Continuity Adapter is used for continuity measurements of ring final circuits. r1, rn, r2 and R1 + RN, R1 + R2 measurements are performed automatically with the Ring Continuity Adapter A 2214.

    Offering improved:

    • Safety, no risk of forgotten connections.
    • Convenience, no need to exchange leads or use connectors.
    • Thoroughness, R1+RN also measured simultaneously.
    • Test speed, connections made by the adapter.
    • Accuracy, with the easy-null capability.
    • Usability, can be magnetically attached to the distribution board.

    The A 2214 is quickly connected to the colour-coded incoming and outgoing L, N and PE wires of the circuit at the distribution board, and controlled by the tester to perform all the required ring continuity tests. This quick and easy method significantly simplifies and reduces the time involved in testing ring final circuits thoroughly.

    For use with the following testers:

    When the testers firmware is updated the Ring Continuity Adapter A 2214 will work with the following:

    • MI 3155 EurotestXD,
    • MI 3152 EurotestXC,
    • MI 3125 BT COMBO,
    • MI 3102 BT EurotestXE,
    • MI 3100 s EurotestEASI,
    • MI 3100 SE EurotestEASI.
    • Automated continuity testing (patented) of ring final circuits: r1, rn, r2 and R1+RN, R1+R2;
    • Live, neutral and PE resistance all measured at a press of a button;
    • Automatic calculation of (r1+rn)/4 and (r1+r2)/4 for easy results evaluation;
    • Connected once, no need to change leads until all continuity tests are complete;
    • Quick, efficient and easy. Optimize and significantly speed up (up to 60% or more) continuity tests of ring final circuits.
    • A 2214 Ring Continuity Adapter,
    • Small soft carrying bag A 1020,
    • Crocodile clip A 1297, brown, 2 pieces,
    • Crocodile clip A 1309, green, 2 pieces,
    • Crocodile clip A 1310, blue, 2 pieces,
    • Battery A 1784, size AA, 1.5V alkaline, 4 pieces,
    • Instruction manual.