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Martindale EZ2500 Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Tester


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    Martindale EZ2500 Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Tester

    The Martindale EZ2500 Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Tester is used to carry out P-E and P-N loop impedance tests and as well as PFC and PSC checks without the worry of tripping out circuitry.

    The tester can also be used to perform other test procedures such as voltage testing and socket testing. All relevant results are displayed in scrolling fashion on the EZ2500’s built in screen which is backlit for use in darkened conditions.

    When performing PE and PN testing this device is able to switch between separate ranges for extra accuracy. Measurements for both PE and PN go all the way from 0-3000Ω, with five selectable ranges available to choose between. If the loop is detected as open the Martindale EZ2500 automatically realises this and no measurement is taken.

    When carrying out impedance measurements the EZ2500 features a voltage range of 198-264V with frequency of 50Hz.

    The TC210 soft carry case is also available on its own – select from the drop down list

    • Performs non-trip loop tests (P-E and P-N)
    • Voltage testing
    • Socket Testing
    • PFC and PSC testing
    • Shows socket problems and high/low voltage conditions

    These are included with the kit :

    • Martindale EZ2500 Non-Trip Earth Impedance Tester
    • Mains Test Lead
    • Instruction Manual
    • Soft Carry Case