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Martindale ET4500 PRO Multifunction Installation Tester Kit

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    Martindale ET4500 PRO Multifunction Installation Tester Kit

    Made for professional electrical installers, the Martindale ET4500 PRO Multifunction Installation Tester Kit includes everything you’ll need for both testing electrical installations and managing your testing data on PC.

    Made for domestic, commercial and industrial wiring installations, the Martindale ET4500 is an advanced, downloadable multifunction tester.

    Featuring built-in amendment 3 fuse tables and green/red PASS/FAIL indicators, the ET4500 helps professionals installers to speed up testing thanks to quick and easy indication of the test’s results. In fact it’s built from the ground up for simplicity, with the ability to simultaneously display all RCD testing results on one screen, simple rotary dial test selection, pass limit adjustments and even integrated help menus for connection reminders.

    The ET4500 can perform every test necessary to verify installations including continuity tests at 200mA and 8.5mA, insulation tests at 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000V, RCD tests on AC, A, F and S type RCDs with trip time, auto and ramp tests and includes additional testing such as non-trip earth loop, high current loop, 3-wire earth resistance, true RMS voltage, frequency and phase rotation.

    Using the included software, it’s possible to both download testing data from the instrument and also upload information relating to the site you’re working on for faster testing. Downloading and uploading is simple – just connect up a USB lead from the tester into your PC.

    You won’t even have to worry about replacing the batteries with the ET4500 – it comes supplied as standard with rechargeable ones.

    • Red and green PASS/FAIL indicators
    • Help menus at the press of a button
    • Automatic polarity and wiring check upon connection for checking for dangerous wiring faults
    • Fast and reliable high current and non-trip loop testing
    • Continuity testing at 200mA and 8.5mA
    • Insulation testing with 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000V test voltages
    • Test AC, A, F and S RCDs
    • Test 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000mA RCDs
    • RCD trip time, RCD auto and RCD ramp testing
    • 3 wire earth resistance test
    • True RMS voltage measurements
    • Frequency measurements
    • Phase rotation measurements
    • Downloadable multifunction tester – connect via USB to PC to download testing information
    • Upload site data etc directly to the tester using the included software
    • CAT IV safety rated
    • Powered by rechargeable batteries
    • Martindale ET4500 Downloadable Multifunction Tester
    • ET-Link PRO PC Software (with Amendment 3 Certification)
    • PSUHPAT12 In-Car Charger
    • BZ101 Socket Tester
    • SB13 Safebreak Socket Test Adapter
    • ERKIT/S Three Wire Earth Test Set
    • TL78 50m Continuity Extension Lead