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Kewtech Digital Clamp Meter KT200

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    Kewtech Digital Clamp Meter KT200

    The Kewtech Digital Clamp Meter KT200 is a simple-to-use clamp meter that can be used to measure current up to 400A AC, voltage up to 600V AC/DC and also measure resistance and continuity levels.

    The jaws of the KT20 are 33mm in width, making them large enough to clamp around a large variety of different applications. When measuring continuity the KT20 also has an integrated buzzer to alert users of continuity problems.

    Kewtech’s KT200 is handheld, and adjusting tests is easy thanks to the inclusion of a rotary dial. All test results are shown on the LCD display at the bottom of the clamp, and the jaws are operated by a large trigger on the left hand side of the device.

    In addition this product includes a sleep function, data holding, a 4000 count display and complies to IEC61010-1 (CAT III) UL3111 and VDEO411 300V.


    AC Current
    RangeMeasuring RangeAccuracy
    40A0.39.99A±2.0% rdg ±6digt
    AC Voltage (V) Auto-Ranging
    RangeMeasuring RangeAccuracy
    40V0-399.9V±2.0%rdg ±5 digit
    DC Voltage (V) Auto-Ranging
    RangeMeasuring RangeAccuracy
    400V0-399.9V±2.0%rdg ±5 digit
    600V150-599±2.0%rdg ±5 digit
    Resistance (Ω/Continuity) Auto-Ranging
    RangeMeasuring RangeAccuracy
    400Ω0-399.9Ω±2.0%rdg ±5 digit
    4000Ω150-3999Ω±2.0%rdg ±5 digit


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    • Digital AC clamp meter
    • 400A AC digital clamp meter
    • 33mm jaw
    • Digital 4000 display counts
    • Data hold function
    • AC current
    • AC voltage
    • Resistance
    • Continuity buzzer
    • Sleep feature
    • Designed to IEC61010-1(CAT III), UL3111 & VDE0411300V
    • Kewtech KT200 Digital 400A/600V AC Clamp Meter
    • Test Leads
    • Batteries
    • Instruction Manual
    • Certificate of Conformity