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Kewtech KITBAG3 Carrying Case for KEWPROVE3

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    Kewtech KITBAG3 Carrying Case for KEWPROVE3 Proving Unit

    This uniquely-designed soft Kewtech KITBAG3 Carrying Case for KEWPROVE3 can house either a Kewtech KT1780 or KT1790 voltage/continuity tester and a Kewtech KEWPROVE proving unit.

    The case is designed to allow access to the proving unit without actually removing it from the case, saving time and effort when testing.

    Dimensions: 31cm (L) x 13cm (W) x 9cm (D)


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    Kewtech KITBAG2 Carrying Case

    This large Kewtech KITBAG2 Generic Carrying Case is ideal for your PAT Tester or Multifunction Tester. It will also hold other testers such as loop, rcd, insulation testers and more.

    It’s large enough to store a tester as well as other accessories and test leads.

    Has a removable padded interior wall, with removable divider. Contains a pocket in the lid of the bag, with a long shoulder strap and handle.

    Interior Dimensions:

    (Length x Width x Depth)

    300mm x 210mm x 230mm


    Kewtech accessories 

    Kewprove 3 :

    • Houses one voltage/continuity tester and a proving unit
    • Carrying strap included
    • Use the proving unit without removing from the case