Kewtech KEW301 Dual Channel Thermometer

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    Kewtech KEW301 Dual Channel Thermometer

    Measure the temperature of two points simultaneously with this Kewtech KEW301 Dual Channel Thermometer.

    Designed for use with industry-standard type K thermocouples (two included), the KEW301 can measure temperature from a single input (choice of T1 or T2) or from both simultaneously (T1-T2) for checking differential temperature levels.

    This thermometer can measure temperature levels from -200 to 1370°C (-328 to 2498°F) with resolution as low as 0.1°C/°F. The thermometer includes a dual display backlit LCD screen which shows either single or dual testing results and has a tripod connector on the rear for hands-free use.

    This meter includes MAX/MIN and AVG modes a relative function.

    Kewtech KEW301 Technical Specifications

    Numerical Display 4 digit liquid crystal display (LCD)
    Measurement Range -200 to 1370°C (-328 to 2498°F)
    Resolution -200 to 200°C: 0.1°C
    800 to 1370°C: 1°C
    -200 to 200°F: 0.1°F else 1°F
    Maximum Voltage at Thermocouple Input 60V DC or 24V RMS AC
    Power Requirements 9V battery, NEDA 1604 or JIS 006P or IEC6F22
    Battery Life Approx 100 hours with alkaline battery
    Sample Rate 0.6 times per second
    Dimensions 184 x 64 x 30mm
    Weight 210g (approx)
    Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
    Operating Humidity 0 to 80% RH
    Storage Temperature -10 to 60°C
    Storage Humidity 0 to 80% RH
    Altitude Up to 2000m
    Accuracy: At (23 ± 5°C)
    -200 to 200°C ±(0.3% reading 1°C)
    200 to 400°C ±(0.5% reading 1°C)
    400 to 1370°C ±(0.3% reading 1°C)
    -328 to 400°F ±(0.5% reading 2°F)
    -200 to 200°F ±(0.3% reading 2°F)
    200 to 400°F ±(0.5% reading 2°F)
    400 to 2498°F ±(0.3% reading 2°F)
    T1-T2 Measurements ±(0.5% T1-T2 reading 2°C)
    or (0.5% T1-T2 reading 2°F)
    Temperature Coefficient For ambient temperatures from 0 to 18°C and 28 to 50°C, for each °C ambient below 18°C or above 28°C add the following tolerance into the accuracy spec:
    0.01% of reading 0.03°C (0.01% of reading 0.06°F)
    • Dual channels – accepts two type K thermocouples
    • Dual display – shows either a single measurement or T1-T2 measurements
    • PC interface
    • Automatic power off when left idle
    • Backlit LCD screen
    • MAX/MIN/AVG modes
    • Relative function
    • Tripod connector