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Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checkbox

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    Calibration Certificate

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    Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checkbox

    This calibration checkbox is used for evaluating the overall accuracy of various 17th edition testers during the time period between official calibrations by a certified laboratory.

    Encased in its own protective carrying case with a handle, the Kewtech FC2000 is easy to port around from test to test. Inside the case the main unit includes multiple ports for various plug types and can be used to carry evaluations of test lead nulling point, continuity, insulation, loop impedance and RCD testing.

    The FC2000 includes three continuity test points, three insulation test points and two loop impedance test points plus local loop.

    Kewtech FC2000 Technical Specifications

    Test PointAccuracy Voltage rating up to1000V
    0.05 MΩ1%
    2.0 MΩ1%
    200 MΩ2%
    Test PointAccuracy
    0.5 Ω1% /- 20 mΩ
    1.0 Ω
    2.0 Ω
    Loop Impedance
    Test PointAccuracy
    Local Loop
    Local Loop plus 1 Ω1% /- 20 mΩ
     Local Loop plus 100 Ω1% /- 20 mΩ
    Test Point Accuracy – Current
    Accuracy – Time
    X 11% of rangeTimer /- 1mS
    X 5Ω
    Check ValueAcceptable RangeRating
    X1 (30mA)30 to 33 mA30mA AC type
    X 5 (150mA)143 to 163 mA30mA AC type
    X ½ (15mA)13.5 to 15mA30mA AC type
    • 12 comprehensive test points
    • Insulation, continuity, RCD and loop testing functionality
    • Built into its own protective hard case (with handle)
    • Compatible with all makes and models of 17th edition test equipment
    • Null facility for test leads
    • Easy to use
    • Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checkbox
    • Mains Lead
    • Instruction Manual