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Kewtech Digital Clamp Adapter KEW8112

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    This Kewtech Digital Clamp Adapter KEW8112 is a small-size current clamp adaptor designed to plug into digital multimeters etc in order to allow them to measure current across a range from 0.1mA to 120A (AC).

    With extremely small diameter jaws (8mm diameter), the KEW8112 is great for attaching around thinner wires such as those found in cramped electrical cabinets or inside vehicle engines. Just plug the KEW8112 directly into your existing meter and use your DMM to measure the current.

    Kewtech Digital Clamp Adapter KEW8112

    Range Switch PositionInputOutputAccuracyFrequency Range
    0 to 0.5A AC0 to 500mV AC±1.5% of output ±0.2mV50Hz to 1kHz
    0 to 1A AC0 to 1000mV AC±3.0% of output ±0.4mV40Hz to 10kHz
    0 to 20A AC0 to 2000mV AC±1.0% of output ±0.1mV40Hz to 1kHz
    ±1.5% of output ±0.2mV1kHz to 10kHz
    0-20A AC0-200mV AC±1.0% of output ±0.1mV40Hz to 1kHz
    ±1.5% of output ±0.2mV1kHz to 10kHz
    20 to 40A AC200mV to 400mV AC±2.5% of output50Hz to 10kHz
    40 to 80A AC400mV to 800mV AC±2.5% of output100Hz to 10kHz
    Other Specs
    Output Impedance2kΩ
    Frequency CharacteristicsWithin ±3dB at 30Hz to 100kHz
    Maximum Voltage of Circuit Under Test500V (DC AC peak when transformer jaws closed)
    Output CordInsulated, approx 1.5m long, 3.9mm diameter and terminated with banana plug with barrier


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    • Give your existing digital multimeter (or similar tester) the ability to test current
    • Measurement range from 0.1mA to 120A AC
    • 8mm diameter jaws – ideal for clamping directly onto smaller wires
    • In compliance with IEC61010-1
    • 1.5m insulated output cord (3.9mm diameter) terminated with industry standard banana plugs
    • Kertech KEW8112 Clamp Adaptor
    • Carry Case
    • Instruction Manual
    • Certificate of Conformity