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Fluke 114 Electrician’s Digital Multimeter

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    Fluke 114 Electrician’s Digital Multimeter

    Compact true-rms meter for electrical troubleshooting. The Fluke 114 Electrician’s Digital Multimeter is the troubleshooting tool for “go/no-go” testing. It includes a feature to prevent false readings caused by ghost voltage. With features such as conformance to the latest safety standards, backlight, and a much larger display that’s easier to view, this meter is a must have for every toolbox.

    Fluke 114 Technical Specifications

    Maximum Voltage between any terminal and earth ground600V
    Surge Protection6kV peak per IEC 61010-1 600V CAT III, pollution degree 2
    DisplayDigital: 6000 counts, updates 4 per second
    Bargraph33 segments, updates 32 per second
    Operating Temperature-10 to 50°C
    Storage Temperature-40 to 60°C
    Battery Type9V alkaline, NEDA 1604A/IEC 6LR61
    Battery Life400 hours typical (without backlight)
    Accuracy Specifications
    DC MillivoltsRange: 600.0mV
    Resolution: 0.1mV
    Accuracy: 0.5% 2 (% of reading counts)
    DC VoltsRange/Resolution: 6.000V / 0.001V
    Range/Resolution: 60.00V / 0.01V
    Range/Resolution: 600.00V / 0.1V
    Accuracy: 0.5% 2 (% of reading digits)
    Auto voltsRange: 600.0V
    Resolution: 0.1V
    Accuracy: 2.0% 3 (DC, 45 to 500Hz), 4.0% 3 (500Hz to 1kHZ)
    AC Millivolts True RMSRange: 600.0mV
    Resolution: 0.1mV
    Accuracy: 1.0% 3 (DC, 45 to 500Hz), 2.0% 3 (500Hz to 1kHZ)
    AC Volts  True RMSRange/Resolution: 6.000V / 0.001V
    Range/Resolution: 60.00V / 0.01V
    Range/Resolution: 600.0V / 0.1V
    Accuracy: 1.0% 3 (DC, 45 to 500Hz), 2.0% 3 (500Hz to 1kHZ)
    ContinuityRange: 600Ω
    Resolution: 1Ω
    Accuracy: Beeper on <20Ω, off > 250Ω, detects opens or shorts of 500μs or longer
    OhmsRange/Resolution: 600Ω / 0.1Ω
    Range/ Resolution: 6.000kΩ / 0.001kΩ
    Range/Resolution: 60.00kΩ / 0.01kΩ
    Range/Resolution: 600.0kΩ / 0.1kΩ
    Range/Resolution: 6.000MΩ / 0.001MΩ
    Accuracy: 0.9% 1
    Range/Resolution: 40.00MΩ / 0.01MΩ
    Accuracy: 5% 2

    1) All ac voltage ranges except Auto-V/LoZ are specified from 1 % to 100 % of range. Auto-V/LoZ is specified from 0.0 V.
    2) Temperature uncertainty (accuracy) does not include the error of the thermocouple probe.
    3) Frequency is ac coupled, 5 Hz to 50 kHz for ac voltage. Frequency is dc coupled, 45 Hz to 5 kHz for ac current.
    4) Temperature Range/Resolution: -40 °F to 752 °F / 0.2 °F

    Mechanical & General Specifications
    Size167 x 84 x 46mm (6.57 x 3.31 x 1.82″)
    Warranty3 years
    • True RMS digital multimeter made for use by electricians
    • 6000 count LCD display with integrated backlight and analogue bargraph
    • AutoVolt: automatically detects AC or DC voltage
    • LoZ: low input impedance prevents ghost voltages from interfering with testing accuracy
    • Test AC/DC voltage to 600V
    • Test resistance to 6MΩ
    • Continuity test with integrated beeper
    • Removable holster with integrated tilt stand
    • MIN/MAX mode calculates the maximum or minimum value taken over a period of time
    • Display hold – freezes the current value on the screen
    • Automatic and manual ranging
    • Low battery indicator
    • Fluke 114 Electricians Digital Multimeter
    • Test Leads
    • Rubber Boot
    • Installed 9V battery
    • User manuals