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ETI 7000 Moisture Meter with Probe

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    ETI 7000 Moisture Meter with Probe

    Test the moisture level in both building materials and wood with this easy-to-use digital ETI 7000 Moisture Meter with Probe.

    The ETI 7000 uses a combination of both a digital moisture reading and a series of LED light indicators to show the level of moisture. If the LEDs are green, you know everything is alright, yellow shows a higher level of moisture and red shows that the material is extremely moist.

    Although this meter is very similar in design to the ETI 7250 moisture meter, the difference between the two meters is that this version includes a flexible, two-pin probe which can be held in one hand to gain a reading while you hold the meter in your other hand (the 7250 has pins built into the top of the meter, with no flexible probe).

    To cater for use with different types of material, the ETI 7000 moisture meter includes five different selectable moisture scales.

    • Scale 1 – Wood 1 (W1): 6.0 to 40.0%
    • Scale 2 – Wood 2 (W2): 8.0 to 40.0%
    • Scale 3 – Plaster (P1): 0.1 to 15.0%
    • Scale 4 – Concrete (C1): 0.5 to 12.0%
    • Scale 5 – Linear or Reference (Lin): 0 to 1000*

    *Linear/Reference is a general scale of moisture measurement used for all materials and is listed to cover materials which are not covered by the scales 1 – 4. This scale can also be used to compare the material under test to a known dry sample.

    This moisture meter is also supplied as standard with 50 spare pins for your probe and a 2 year guarantee from ETI.





    • Measure the moisture content in both building materials and wood
    • Flexible 2-pin probe – ideal for use in hard-to-reach applications
    • Five different moisture scales, specially configured for concrete, plaster, reference and 2 different wood scales
    • 20 LED bargraph scale shows level of moisture – red for damp, yellow for mid and green for OK
    • Digital readout of exact moisture content
    • Robust ABS case for on-site use
    • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries with up to 350 hour battery life
    • Automatic power off when life idle for 10 minutes (can be disabled)
    • Replaceable pins on the probe – includes 50 spare pins as standard
    • ETI 7000 Moisture Meter
    • Pack of 50 Spare Pins in Zip Wallet