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Di-LOG DLSS002 Voltage Indicator/Lock Off/Voltstick Kit

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    Di-LOG DLSS002 Safe Isolation Test Kit

    This personal safe isolation test kit features:

    1 x DL6790 Combivolt 2 Voltage & Continuity tester
    1 x DL107 1000v Non-Contact Voltage Detector
    1 x DLLOC1 Personal Lockout Kit
    1 x CP1190 Carry Case

    The CombiVolt 2 even has a built in torch function and continuity buzzer, both are great features if the light levels are low and you cannot see the display. The DiLOG CombiVolt 2 Model DL6790 is fully compliant with GS38 safety notice and it has a rugged hand held casing with a 24 month warranty, proving it great for everyday day use for electricians, technicians and maintenance staff. The Di-LOG DL6790 can indicate voltages even when the batteries are flat or missing.

    The DiLOG DL107 1000V Non-Contact Voltage Detector with its various advanced features is the ideal tool for a wide array of applications throughout the plumbing, maintenance and electrical sectors. This non-contact device can detect AC voltages between 24 to 1000V, provide accurate detection of cable breaks and phase detection in sockets. A clear, omni-directional LED with audible alarm provides the user with both optical and acoustic indication of a present AC voltage. Boasting two selectable levels of detection, the DiLOG DL107 incorporates both a high and low voltage detection range. The “High Voltage Mode” is suitable for voltages between 90 to 1000V AC, ideal for for detecting three phase systems and domestic electrical supply. The “Low Voltage Mode” however, is for detecting weaker magnetic fields and voltages down to 24V AC. Utilise the bright LED flash light incorporated within the DiLOG DL107 Non-Contact Voltage Detector to complete tasks in difficult to see areas. Battery powered this lightweight instrument features an auto power off function with electronic switch to avoid irritating buzzing while simultaneously extending battery life. The compact DL107 is rated CAT IV 1000V to ensure the highest level of safety for the operator.

    The DiLOG DLLOC1 Lockout Kit can be used by professional electrical technicians to securely lock out any circuit or switch whilst work is carried out. The user can therefore be sure that a passer-by will not re-energise the circuit unintentionally, thereby safely isolating the circuit. A 38mm steel padlock is included alongside a universal MCB lockout device and MCB pins-out lockout device in addition to a lockout tag that clearly indicates that work is being carried out. The tag also has spaces for worker’s name, department and expected completion time/date.

    The DL6790 ‘Combivolt 2’ can be stored in the supplied CP1190 Carry Case

    DL6790 Key Features:

    • 12-690V AC/DC Voltage
    • Digital LCD Display
    • Audible Continuity
    • Phase Rotation
    • GS38 Compliant
    • CAT IV 600V Safety Rating

    DL107 Key Features:

    • Non-contact voltage detector
      Visual LED and audible alarm indication given
      Two detection ranges
      High voltage mode for detecting 90 to 1000V AC
      Low voltage mode for detecting 24 to 1000V AC
      Quickly detects cable breaks
      Performs phase detection in sockets
      Built-in bright LED flashlight
      Auto-power off after approx. 5mins
      Low battery indicator
      CATIV 1000V safety rated

    DLLOC1 Contains:

    • DiLOG DL8101 38mm Steel Safety Padlock
    • DiLOG DL8105 Universal MCB Lockout Device
    • DiLOG DL8106 MCB Pins-Out (Standard) Lockout Device
    • DiLOG DL8130 Lockout Tag




    • 1 x DL6790 CombiVolt 2 Digital Voltage Indicator
    • 1 x DL107
    • 1 x DLLOC1 & CP1190 Carry Pouch
    • 12-690V AC/DC Voltage
    • Digital LCD Display
    • Audible Comntinuity
    • Phase Rotation
    • GS38 Compliant
    • CAT IV 600V Safety Rating
    • 1 x DL6790 CombiVolt 2 Digital Voltage Indicator
    • 1 x DL107
    • 1 x DLLOC1 & CP1190 Carry Pouch