Amprobe ADPTR-E14-EUR Light Check Adapter

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    Amprobe ADPTR-E14-EUR Light Check Adapter

    Ensure safe and reliable testing with the Amprobe ADPTR-E14-EUR Light Check Adapter. Light-Check adapter is made to ensure your safety during testing light points. The adapters can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of test equipment that uses test leads terminating in 4 mm safety connectors. The adapter enables a range of tests to be conducted on light fitting terminals eliminating the need to hold test probes in place and ensure a good reliable and safe contact.

    Light-Check adapters are perfect to be used with the following products:
    • Installation Testers
    • Insulation Testers
    • Wire Tracers
    • Voltage Measurement and Monitoring (PQ)

    The Light-Check adapters are available for different fittings:
    E27, B22, E14, B15, GU10

    • Ease of use, one-hand operation
    • Optimal and safe contact to light points
    • Low contact resistance (important for line resistance measurement)
    • Additional safety barrier (finger guard)
    • Designed in a small robust housing
    • 4 mm safety socket
    • Maintenance free