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Amprobe 2100-GAMMA Two Pole Voltage Tester

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    Amprobe 2100-GAMMA Two Pole Voltage Tester

    The Amprobe 2100-Gamma Two Pole Voltage Tester is designed for voltage and continuity tests and is the most sophisticated tester of Amprobe’s 2100 series.

    This GS38 approved product has a maximum voltage measurement capacity of 1000V AC/ 1200 V DC, is able to take resistance measurements of up to 1999Ω and perform 10 mA and 30 mA RCD trip tests.

    With its reinforced, dust-tight components, ability to withstand water jets, as well as its LCD panel, LCD screen, torch light for measurement area illumination and sound indicator, the 2100- Gamma is ideal for use in challenging industrial and commercial environments.

    Some of the features available on Amprobe’s 2100-Gamma Voltage Tester, not available on Amprobe’s other 2100 Series models are:

    • Resistance measurement and low resistance indication
    • Non-contact voltage detection
    • Data hold function (also available on Amprobe’s 2100-Beta Two Pole Voltage Tester)
    • LCD screen (also available on Amprobe’s 2100-Beta Two Pole Voltage Tester)
    • Voltage measurement range of up to 1000 V AC / 1200 V DC
    • CAT III 1000 V/ CAT IV 600V

    In addition to these functions, the 2100-Gamma also includes Amprobe’s usual 2100 Series Two Pole Voltage Tester features:

    • RCD Trip Test/ Two Button Switchable Load – increasing the safety and accuracy of your readings. This feature will ensure that when both buttons on each pole are not pressed the device is in high impedance mode, preventing the accidental tripping of residual-current devices or earth leakage circuit breakers. When both buttons are engaged the device switches to low impedance mode, increasing the product’s accuracy as readings of ghost voltages are prevented.  In addition to this, the 2100 series is able to determine, remotely, whether RCD devices have been wired correctly. By pressing the buttons the user can trip 10mA or 30mA RCDs to carry out this test.
    • Long, durable, wear indicator test leads – The 1.5m lead has two layers of insulation. This increases the lead’s durability and safety, making testing safe, quick and convenient. The dual layering indicates when the lead will need to be replaced, as if the inner, colour-contrasting layer is visible; the lead needs to be changed.
    • Test probe protector cover with accessory storage – This test probe protector cover not only stores your 4mm test probe extensions and GS38 protective probe caps, but can also be used to open UK electrical safety outlets, adding to the 2100 series’ convenience and efficiency.

    The Amprobe 2100-Gamma Two Pole Voltage Tester is ideal for the busy electrician, taking voltage and continuity tests in both domestic and industrial environments.

    Amprobe 2100-Series Two Pole Voltage Tester Comparison Table

    For further information regarding the similarities and differences between Ambrobe’s 2100 Series Two Pole Voltage Testers, please see the table below.

    Safety Rating (Overvoltage Category) CAT III 690/ CAT IV 600CAT III 690/ CAT IV 600 CAT III 1000/ CAT IV 600
    Voltage Range 12-690 V AC/DC12-690 V AC/DC6-1000 V AC/ 6-1200 V DC
    Voltage Indication – LCD12-690 V AC/DC6-1000 V AC, 6-1200 V DC
    Voltage Indication – LED (12 to 690V)
    Continuity Test (Visual and Audible Indication)
    RCD Trip Test (10mA or 30mA)
    Single Pole Phase Test √ √
    Full Range Polarity Detection √
    Two Pole Phase Rotation Detection RightRightRight/Left
    Double Insulated Cable with Wear Indicator√ 
    4mm Test Probe Extensions (Screwable) and Removeable GS38 Protective Probe Caps √
    Data Hold Function –
    Resistance Measurement and Low Resistance Indication –
    Non-Contact Voltage Detection
    IP64 Splash and Dust Proof √
    Torch Light/Measurement Area Illumination
    • Automatic AC/DC voltage detection with polarity indication
    • Maximum voltage test of 1000 V AC/ 1200 V DC
    • 10 mA or 30 mA RCD Trip test with switchable load and two push buttons
    • Able to test phase polarity with single pole test
    • Full range polarity detection
    • Automatic continuity test with LED visual
    • Voltage Indication LCD
    • Two pole phase rotation indication
    • Wear indication, durable, double insulated 1.5m cable
    • Useful for working in poorly lit areas due to its torch light/ measurement area illumination
    • When voltages above 50 V AC/ 120 V DC are detected, the 2100-gamma will sound an audible tone
    • Main probe single-phase voltage detection with visual and audible voltage detection indication
    • Auto power ON/OFF and OFF button
    • 100-1000 V non-contact voltage detection and indication
    • 1999Ω resistance measurement and display
    • IP 64 rating
    • GS38 approved, built according to IEC (International Electrical Commission) 61243-3:2009, EN 6124-3:2010, DIN VDE 0682-401:2011
    • CAT IV 600 V/ CAT III 1000V safety rating
    • Data hold function
    • Test probe protector cover with accessory storage and ability to open UK electrical safety outlets
    • Amprobe 2100-Gamma Two Pole Voltage Tester
    • Test Probe Protector Cover with Accessory Probe and Cap Storage
    • 4mm Screwable Test Probe Extensions
    • GS38 Protective Probe Caps