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Metrel MI3201 TeraOhm 5Kv Plus Insulation Tester

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    Metrel MI3201 Insulation Tester

    The Metrel MI3201 Insulation Tester is used to accurately determine insulation resistance levels on high voltage equipment such as power transformers, high voltage cables, rotating machinery, surge arrestors, measuring transducers and other similar devices.

    With multiple test voltages available from 250V up to 5000V (5kV), the MI3201 can be used to accurately measure insulation resistance levels between 5kΩ and 10TΩ. It is also possible to step voltages up by 25V up to 5kV (with ramp testing also available).

    Also included as part of this tester are a suite of diagnostic tools for measuring polarisation index (PI), dielectric discharge (DD) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) with automated resistance ranging. It is possible to measure all of these parameters at the same time and display them together on the built-in screen.

    The MI3201 comes as standard built into its own protective carry case, allowing it to be protected both during a test and after when being transported. It also comes with high EM (noise immunity) ensuring that noisy circuits are filtered out in order to maintain testing accuracy at all times.

    • Suite of diagnostic tools – polarisation index, dielectric discharge, dielectric absorption ratio with automated resistance range
    • Measures insulation resistance from 5kΩ to10TΩ
    • Display of all measurement parameters in a single measurements
    • Step voltage testing
    • R(t) graph shows real time resistance on a time graph for plotting changes over time
    • High charging capacity with 5mA charging current for charging current insulation systems up to 50μF
    • High noise immunity to filter out the effects of noise
    • CAT IV 600V safety rated for use in industrial environments
    • Rugged hard carrying case
    • USB and RS232 ports allow interfacing with PC
    • Metrel MI3201 TeraOhm 5kV Plus Insulation Tester
    • Carrying Bag
    • Mains Cable
    • 10kV Shielded Test Leads with Probes (2x, Black/Red)
    • 2 x 10kV Crocodile Clips (Black/Red)
    • 2m Green Guard Test Lead
    • Green Crocodile Clip
    • 6 x 1.2V NiMH Batteries – C Type
    • Handbook “Guide to Modern Insulation Testing” on CD
    • Instruction Manual
    • Calibration Certificate