Metrel MI3108ST Eurotest PV Tester

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    Metrel MI3108ST Eurotest PV Tester

    For performing photovoltaic tests or verifying the safety of electrical equipment, the Metrel MI3108ST Eurotest PV Tester meets compliance requirements for a range of parameters. If working with solar PV installations, the ability to evaluate behaviour through changing temperatures and fluctuating irradiance helps you to get a clear, graphical idea of overall performance between a range of -10 and 85 degrees C. Through the U/I curve presented on the screen, maximum readings of 15kW, 15A or 1000V assists in the detection of sudden changes in the presence of voltage, current and power.

    Capable of reading both direct and alternating currents, each side can be evaluated for overall power and energy consumption and voltage levels, while the AC side can further be used for gauging frequency and harmonics. Both forms of current can also be measured together owing to the two dedicated channels included on the device.

    Meanwhile, when testing wider electrical installations, the automatic measurement process for RCD saves time, and loop impedance can be calculated without tripping the existing circuit.

    To ensure safety when the Metrel MI3108ST is in use, a custom-designed safety probe is included to create a conscious working environment around installations.

    The screen on this Metrel test equipment is backlight, and updates quickly with 1.5% standard accuracy for voltage and current solar PV installation readings.

    The main unit of the Metrel MI3108ST  weighs in at 1.3kg, and offers PC connectivity via the RS232 and USB interfaces included. If working remotely, only RS232 is available.

    Unlike other electrical testers, the Metrel MI3108ST  can be powered via six rechargeable AA batteries.

    • Voltage, current, power and energy
    • UOC (open circuit voltage)
    • ISC (short circuit current)
    • I-U curve of PV modules and strings
    • Irradiance
    • Module temperature
    • AC side measurements:
    • Voltage, current, frequency, power, PF, energy, harmonics
    • Efficiency of PV module, inverter and PV system calculation
    • Electrical installation measurements:
    • Insulation resistance
    • Continuity of PE conductors
    • Line impedance
    • Loop impedance
    • RCD testing
    • Earth resistance
    • AC current
    • TRMS voltage
    • Frequency
    • Phase sequence
    • Power, energy and harmonics
    • General
    • Calculation of STC values
    • Efficiency calculations
    • Graphic representation of curve
    • Bult in memory
    • Automated RCD testing
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Metrel MI3108ST Eurotest PV Tester
    • Soft Carrying Bag
    • Plug Commander
    • 3 x 1.5m Test Leads
    • 3 x Test Probes
    • 3 x Crocodile Clips
    • PV Safety Probe
    • PV MCD/4 Male/Female Adapters
    • AC/DC Current Clamp
    • Pyranometer
    • Temperature Probe
    • Power Supply Adapter 6 NiMH Batteries (Type AA)
    • USB and RS232 – PS/2 Cable
    • PC SW EuroLink PRO
    • Set of Carrying Straps
    • Short Instruction Manual
    • Instruction Manual and Handbook on CD
    • Calibration Certificate