Metrel MI3108PRO Eurotest PV Tester

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    Metrel MI3108PR Eurotest PV PRO Tester Details

    The Metrel MI3108PRO Eurotest PV Tester is a lightweight testing instrument that’s an essential purchase for solar PV professionals. This comprehensive tester ensures that all installations and testing procedures are carried out with high accuracy and also ensures that compliance with all solar installation regulations (including EN 61557 and EN 62446) is maintained at all times.

    This unit is literally packed full of measurement capabilities. It can measure photovoltaic installations and electrical installations, with multiple measurement types for each function of the meter. When measuring PV installations the MI3108PR can measure voltage, current, power and energy on DC side, Uoc (open circuit voltage), Isc (short circuit current), irradiance and module temperature. On the AC side it can be used to measure voltage, current, frequency, power, PF, energy, harmonics, efficiency of a PV module, inverter efficiency and PV system calculation.

    When used on electrical installations this unit can measure insulation resistance, continuity of PE conductors, line impedance, loop impedance (including sub functions with high current and non-RCD tripping), RCD testing (AC, A and B), earth resistance, AC current (load and leakage), true RMS voltage, frequency, phase sequence, power, energy and harmonics.

    This means that the MI3108PR literally contains every test you could ever need for installing and maintaining the efficiency of complex solar PV installations. It also includes a suite of advanced features including built-in memory for test data storage, handy built-in help screens, rechargeable batteries, monitoring of 3 voltages and much more.

    • Combined photovoltaic and electrical installation measurement device
    • Portable and lightweight
    • Massive amount of measurement functions
    • Calculation of STC values
    • Efficiency calculations
    • Graphical representation of module I-U curves
    • 2 voltage and 2 current channels for simultaneous measurements
    • Works with PV remote unit for simultaneous measurements of solar irradiation and temperature of PV modules
    • Automated RCD testing
    • Support for B type RCDs
    • Earth resistance measurements
    • Built-in fuse tables for automatic evaluation of line/loop impedance results
    • Online monitoring of 3 voltages
    • Scope function
    • Loop impedance test with no RCD trippping
    • 1 phase power and energy measurements
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • 1800 record memory storage
    • Help screens
    • Compatible with software package
    • Metrel MI3108 Eurotest PV PRO
    • Metrel A1378 Eurotest PV remote
    • Metrel A1018 Current Clamp
    • Metrel A1385 PV Fused Test Lead
    • Metrel SW EuroLink PRO Software Package
    • Plug Commander
    • 3 x 1.5m Test Leads
    • 3 x Test Probes
    • 3 x Crocodile Clips
    • PV Safety Probe
    • PV MC3/4 Male/Female Adapters
    • AC/DC Current Clamp
    • Pyranometer
    • Temperature Probe
    • Power Supply Adapter
    • 6 x NiMH Batteries (Type AA)
    • USB and RS232 -PS/2 Cable
    • Instruction Manual and Handbook on CD
    • Soft Carry Case with Straps
    • Calibration Certificate