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Megger PAT120 Manual PAT Tester

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    Megger PAT120 Manual PAT Tester

    Designed for easy transportation from appliance to appliance, the Megger PAT120 Manual PAT Tester allows users to perform quick checks of all necessary PAT procedures with simple tick/cross indicators to show if an appliance has passed or failed a test. Full test readings are also shown directly on the PAT120’s built-in heavy-duty, scratch-proof screen to allow you to easily capture testing results.

    The PAT120 is particularly suited for low volume users and is a great tester for use in offices, shops and business units without a large amount of appliances to test. It’s compatible with both class I and class II appliances, can test extension leads and can be safely used on IT and surge-protected equipment and appliances.

    This PAT tester also comes built into its own protective case; when not in use, just flip the lid up to protect the screen, buttons and plug socket during transportation. The case is constructed of heavy-duty rubber and is rugged and reliable as the rest of Megger’s range of testing tools.

    • Designed for ease of use – simple tick/cross PASS/FAIL indication plus full test readings
    • Tough, rubber armoured casing with protective cover – ensures the tester is protected at all times (particularly during transportation)
    • 250V insulation test leakage testing safe for IT/surge-protected devices
    • Portable unit – easy to move from test to test thanks to lightweight design
    • Easy access to all functions via dedicated testing buttons
    • Suitable for use with class I and class II appliances, associated leads and extension leads
    • Runs on standard AA batteries
    • Backlit LCD screen with special tough scratch-resistant technology for long product life
    • Megger PAT120 PAT Tester
    • 4mm Plug Lead Probe Crocodile Clip
    • Extension Lead Adaptor
    • Carry Case