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Megger MFT15xx Mains Lead

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    Megger MFT15xx Mains Lead

    This genuine 6220-740 / 6231-601 Megger MFT15xx Mains Lead is for use with the MFT15xx series of testers including the MFT1552 & MFT1553

    Moulded 13A plug to special ‘megger’ 3 pin plug

    Megger MFT1500 Series

    The MFT1500 series has all the essential features necessary for testing Domestic, Commercial and Industrial fixed wiring in accordance with BS7671 and European Standard EN61557. The unique design allows it to be operated on the floor, a ledge, hung around the neck with the supplied neck strap, or held in the hand. The hand strap increases operational comfort and security with all the test functions easily to hand. The backlit display and selector dial allow for use in difficult low-light conditions.

    Patented Megger Digital/Analogue Arc display provides both digital readout and indication of fluctuating readings
    Fast 200mA continuity test commences the moment the test probes touch the circuit with fast response buzzer enabling time saving, hands free testing
    Non-tripping loop impedance test (15mA) provides a 3-wire non-tripping 0.01Ω loop test designed to prevent RCD tripping
    High current loop impedance test (25A) provides a fast loop test where no RCD is fitted, or for Ze measurement on the incoming side of an RCD
    Prospective fault current ranges (25A test)
    DC sensitive RCD test
    RCD Ramp test displays the actual trip current on all RCD ranges. Ideal for identifying nuisance tripping RCDs
    AC/DC Voltmeter independent of any other test functions, eliminating the need to carry a separate multimeter
    Illuminated switch probe for single-handed operation and test status indication. Includes remote test button, bright white LED torch (1500mcd), red/green status LEDs and interchangeable probe tips
    Visible and audible safety warnings. If live voltages exist on a circuit during insulation or continuity testing the voltage is displayed on the screen. If this voltage exceeds a safe level, the MFT1502 inhibits further testing and a warning beeper sounds for extra safety
    10mA to 1000mA RCD test ranges with both 0° and 180° phase angle
    Auto Discharge: Safely discharges system after insulation test preventing accidental shock from a stored charge on a long cable during or after disconnection
    Shuttered test lead sockets permit only the correct test lead combinations to be connected for safe testing
    Rubber over-moulded case and lid provides a secure comfortable hold, whilst providing maximum protection with IP54 weather proof rating

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    Moulded 13A plug to special ‘megger’ 3 pin plug