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Martindale VIPD138 Voltage Indicator & Proving Unit Set



    Martindale VIPD138 Voltage Indicator & Proving Unit Set

    This Martindale VIPD138 Voltage Indicator & Proving Unit Set includes a Martindale VI13800 voltage indicator, a PD440 proving unit for verifying the accuracy of the voltage tester and a handy carrying case for porting around the equipment.

    The VI13800 is a GS38-compliant tester that can verify voltage levels from 50 to 400V on both DC/AC. Including an integrated probe for ease of use and uniquely designed for comfortable use, this handy tester is perfect for any voltage application.

    To showcase voltage findings the VI13800 uses a collection of LED indicators and can also use these indicators to show either negative or positive polarity. Voltage can be even indicated when the batteries are depleted and the instrument comes with a protective resistor in the probe to limit current levels should the cable be damaged.

    Martindale’s PD440, which is also included as part of the set, is a 440V AC proving unit that can be used in combination with the VI13800 to verify correct operation both before and after testing.

    Buy the VIPD138 Voltage Indicator & Proving Device with or without LOKKIT1 Lock-out kit – select from the drop down box



    The full 3 piece kit includes:
    PD440 Proving device
    VI13800 Voltage indicator
    TC69 Soft carry case
    • Testing of AC/DC voltage to 500V
    • Automatic AC/DC detection
    • Bright LED indicator lights
    • Full voltage indication without batteries
    • Protective resistor protects the user if there’s damage to cable by limiting current levels
    • Ergonomic, robust housing
    • Retractable housing
    • GS38 compliant
    • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V rated
    • 50V – 440V range
    • LED indicators
    • Martindale VI13800 Voltage Indicator
    • Martindale PD440 Proving Unit
    • Carrying Case