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Martindale TEK404 Continuity Tester

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    Martindale TEK404 Continuity Tester

    The Martindale TEK404 Continuity Tester is used to give quick and easy indication of continuity via both audible and visual indicators.

    It is ideally suited for use on low voltage signalling, process control and educational applications and will instantly alert users via an audible tone if it detects that a circuit has been established between test leads. The tone is loud enough to be heard even in noisy environments such as industrial applications.

    The LED indicators built into the TEK404 are designed to reduce over time as continuity resistance gets higher. The LEDs will also light up and a pulsed buzzer can be seen if the unit is connected between live circuit voltage from >30V AC or >30V DC ±20V.

    This instrument features continuity range of 2.2kΩ ± 10% with test current of <50µa across short circuit.

    • Ingress protection IP40
    • Audible and visual indication of continuity
    • Bright flashing LEDs
    • Loud tone for use in noisy environments
    • Rugged and robust
    • Martindale TEK404 Continuity Tester with Audible Indication
    • Test Leads
    • Insulated Crocodile Clips
    • MN1604 Battery