Martindale PD240 Pocket-Sized Proving Unit

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    Martindale PD240 Pocket-Sized Proving Unit

    This Martindale PD240 Pocket-Sized Proving Unit is used for proving that testers such as multimeters and two-pole voltage testers are entirely safe and are still suitable for use for testing purposes without posing a risk to the user.

    A 240V DC proving device, the PD240 is limited to 2mA, which makes it suitable for use with the tester mentioned previously. The device is also an incredibly compact unit designed to fit in a pocket, making carrying around the PD240 during testing easy and convenient.

    It is highly recommended that proving units are used both before and after testing procedures to ensure the safety of the tester being used. Not doing so could be extremely hazardous to the user, as live/dead voltages not being detected by a tester isn’t safe in the slightest.

    When testing two-pole voltage testers the PD240 is only suitable for use with devices that have input impedance of more than 120kΩ.

    Technical Specifications

    Output Voltage 240V DC
    Output Current 2mA max across 120kΩ; 3.5mA max. Short circuit protected
    Battery 6LR6/MN1604/PP3 (included), shut off below 5V
    Body Flame retardant ABS
    Dimensions 144 x 63 x 31mm
    Weight 180g including battery
    • LED light indicators
    • Designed for use with multimeters and other similar devices that are used for testing live/dead voltages
    • Flame retardent ABS body for extra protection
    • Portable unit designed to fit in pockets
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Martindale PD240 Pocket-Sized Proving Unit
    • Battery
    • Belt Clip
    • Instruction Manual