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Martindale Meter Carrying Cases


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    Martindale Meter Carrying Cases

    This selection of Martindale Meter Carrying Cases are compatible with all your Martindale test equipment.

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    Handy tool pouch with belt strap, suitable for carrying small testers, such as voltage indicators, and other basic tools including pliers and screwdrivers.


    Soft carry case with lead pouch, suitable for Martindale IN series insulation testers, EZ & LP loop testers, RCD testers, M M Series multimeters, PD690, VI13700G, LTDV, DT75 & Drummond test lamps.

    Dimensions 220 x 90 x 95mm


    Accessory bag for the Martindale EPAT2100, MicroPAT Plus and Metrohm E3511, for storage of test leads, flash gun, manual and other accessories. Clips onto the lid of these testers.


    Martindale soft carry case for the PSI3000 series phase rotation meters and the CM50 series clamp meters.
    Dimensions 280 x 130 x 35mm.


    Soft carry case for voltage indicators

    Dimensions are 300 x 80 x 35mm


    Soft carry case with zip, suitable for Martindale PSI4000 and PSI4300.


    Soft carry case with zip, suitable for Martindale MM series multimeters. Dimensions are 190 x 88 x 55mm.


    The TC71 Carry Case has been tailor-made to fit the Martindale VI-13800 and the PD440S and SX models as well as the PD690S and SX versions.

    Many users have both voltage indicators and Proving Units floating around in toolboxes sustaining damage. This carry case helps to avoid much of this damage as well as offering convenience when using its contents.

    The Proving unit compartment has a clear front with holes to access the test points of the proving unit without the need to remove it.

    The best way to protect valuable test equipment from damage in the toolbox.


    The TC72 Carry Case has been tailor-made using heavy denier nylon to carry the Martindale VT series of voltage indicators but also fits almost all two-pole testers on the market and the Martindale PD440S or PD690S Proving Unit.

    The case offers protection from damage when left in the toolbox and the clear front panel on the case allows access to test points on the Proving unit. The shoulder strap will free up your hands for testing, making the whole job more convenient and keeps two very important pieces of equipment together.


    For those who prefer to keep their Proving unit separate from Test Lamps, this tailor-made carry case is the best way to protect your new generation proving device.

    Made from heavy denier nylon, it is robust and will protect the contents from damage in the toolbox.

    Compatible with: PD440S, PD440SX, PD690s and PD690SX


    Soft carry case for the Martindale EZ2100 & EZ2500 earth loop testers, stores the tester and test leads. Supplied with carry strap.


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