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Martindale LOKKIT6 Universal Fuse Carrier Lockout Kit

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    Martindale LOKKIT6 Universal Fuse Carrier Lockout Kit

    The Martindale LOKKIT6 Universal Fuse Carrier Lockout Kit includes everything needed to lock off fuse carriers as part of a safe isolation procedure. Safe isolation procedures are essential to achieve compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations and ensure that workers on site are not exposed to danger when working on or near to electrical systems.

    The kit includes the LOK6 universal fuse carrier lock off, a TAG4 (Size: 80 x 140mm) warning tag and marker pen, plus a PAD10R padlock. The LOK6 is designed to restrict finger access to live contacts and prevent the reinsertion of a fuse whilst maintenance is in progress, the LOK6 is ideally suited to Red Spot and other similar style fuse holders. It’s easily adjustable to fit fuse holders from 20A to 100A, providing a ‘’one size fits all solution’’ saving time sourcing the right device for the job.

    Manufactured without any metal parts, the LOK6 is constructed from a resilient flame-retardant blend of Polycarbonate and ABS for high impact strength and long term durability. Designed in Martindale’s distinctive yellow casing, to make it easily identifiable, the new locking off device from Martindale Electric is quick to install without the need for any tools.



    • Easily secure fuse carriers during lockout/tagout
    • Adjustable lockout fits many different types of fuse carrier
    • Kit also includes padlock, tag and marker pen
    • Martindale LOK6 Universal Fuse Lockout
    • Martindale TAG4 Warning Tag
    • Marker Pen
    • Martindale PAD10R Lockout Padlock