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Martindale BZ101 Buzz-it 240V Socket Tester

£23.00 Inc VAT: £27.60


    Martindale BZ101 Buzz-it 240V Socket Tester

    The Martindale BZ101 Buzz-it 240V Socket Tester builds upon the basic functionality of the standard CP501 socket tester and uses both LED indicators and an audible buzzing tone to show socket wiring status.

    This socket tester is made for use with standard UK 3 pin, 240V, 13A plug sockets. Using it is simple – just put it into the socket and if the wiring is correct, the CP501 will show three LED lights and will sound a continuous buzzing tone. If there’s a problem, the buzzing tone will not sound and the LED lights will dim in different ways depending on the fault condition detected.

    Up to 28 different wiring conditions can be detected with the BZ101 – a handy user guide on the front of the tester showcases common fault conditions (live neutral reverse, no earth, neutral fault and live earth reverse), while the rest of the faults can be viewed on an included instruction card.

    The BZ101 also functions as a basic fuse finder. To do this test, plug in to a correctly wired socket, and the buzzer will sound. Remove fuses one by one until the buzzing stops.




    • Compatible with standard UK 13A sockets
    • Dual indication – LED lights and audible buzzer
    • If there’s a problem, no buzzer will sound and LED lights will dim
    • Detects 28 different wiring fault conditions
    • Functions as a basic fuse finder