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Kewtech LOOPCHECK107 Socket Tester

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    Kewtech LOOPCHECK107 Socket Tester

    More than just a standard socket tester, Kewtech’s advanced Kewtech LOOPCHECK107 Socket Tester is one of the most advanced socket testers available.

    While other socket testers just check a socket’s wiring, the LOOPCHECK 107 also checks the quality of the socket’s earth connection and can detect a neutral live reverse at the incoming supply.

    Just plug the LOOPCHECK 107 into the mains supply and it’ll do all of the following (RCD/polarity checks activated using buttons):

    • Check that the socket’s wiring is correctly installed
    • Check the quality of the earthing
    • Check the polarity of the mains supply
    • Check RCDs (with measured current)

    If anything other than a green LED light shows up on the front of the LOOPCHECK 107, you’ll instantly know if there’s an issue with something in the socket. When testing loop, the 107 will also show the quality of the test, with Good, Check and Urgent Check LED indicators.

    Kewtech LOOPCHECK 107 Technical Specifications

    Input Current<18mA (L-E <7mA)
    Operating Temperature0 to 40°C
    Humidity95% non-condensing

    Please note that this tester is not intended for continuous use – do not leave connected in a socket for longer than 2 minutes.

    • An advanced socket tester ideal for all professional electricians
    • Tri-coloured LEDs (green, red and orange) give clear and positive indication of Good wiring plus 17 possible fault conditions
    • First socket tester to actually show the fault location as live, neutral or earth
    • Unique earth loop test at mains frequency shows wiring condition as good, check or urgent check
    • Built-in automatic visible self-check
    • 230V, 13A, BS1363 socket tester
    • Audible signals for easier identification