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Kewtech KEWISO3 Safety Isolation Kit

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    Kewtech KEWISO3 Safety Isolation Kit

    Part of Kewtech’s ISO series of safety isolation bundles, this Kewtech KEWISO3 Safety Isolation Kit includes everything you’ll need for verifying voltage levels and preventing access to miniature circuit breakers and other compatible equipment.

    Made for professional electricians, this special offer bundle pack combines together a selection of useful Kewtech equipment made for safe isolation.

    About the Kewtech KT1790 Voltage Tester
    This dual-pole voltage tester uses both a combination of LED indicators and a LCD digital display to give you an exact reading of voltage levels.

    A UK-specific voltage tester, the KT1790 is permanently GS38-rated with no covers to lose.

    About the Kewtech KEWPROVE 3 Proving Unit

    Use this instrument both before and after testing with your KEWPROVE 3 to verify if it’s still working exactly as it should.

    The KEWPROVE 3 will step through voltage stages from 50 to 690V and is suitable for use with traditional test lamps as well as modern two pole voltage testers.

    About the Kewtech KEWLOK MCB/Toggle Switch Lockout

    Designed to universally fit on most miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and toggle-type main switches, this combination lock fixes a switch in place, preventing it from being operated while you’re working.

    About the Kewtech KITBAG3 Carrying Case

    The case includes space for inserting your voltage tester and has a separate compartment for housing your proving unit. The proving unit is placed behind a clear window with built-in holes, allowing you to use your proving unit without actually removing it from the case.

    Dimensions: 31 x 13 x 9cm (L x W x D)

    • Includes KT1790, Kewprove 3, Kewlok & Case
    • 0.1V resolution
    • Self-diagnostic test
    • Single pole phase test
    • Phase rotation test
    • Polarity indication
    • Measure AC and DC voltage up to 690V
    • Clear, oversized luminous LED indicators
    • LCD screen shows an exact digital readout of voltage levels
    • Soft-to-touch, overmoulded rubber body
    • Performs continuity tests
    • Single pole phase test
    • Phase rotation test
    • Polarity indication
    • Automatic power on/off
    • IP65 rated – protected against dust and water ingress
    • Designed to meet International Safety Standards IEC 61243-3 and IEC 61010-1
    • High output to drive even the most high current voltage detector
    • Instant ramp up and step down to prove several different voltage levels
    • Fast response
    • Works with low impedance voltage testers
    • Voltage range from 50 to 690V
    • Ideal for proving that circuits are not live when working on electrical circuits
    • Recommended for use with the Kewtech KEWVOLT2, KT1720 and KT1780/1790 voltage testers
    • LED indication of functioning unit
    • Kewtech KEWLOK MCB/Toggle Switch Lockout
    • One size fits most MCBs and toggle-type main switches
    • Easy-to-use combination lock
    • User-selectable integral combination padlock – ideal for setting your own memorable code
    • No separate locks or keys required
    • Supplied with two warning labels which can be secured to the shackle to give user information


    • Kewtech KT1790 Voltage Tester
    • Kewtech KEWPROVE 3 Voltage Proving Unit
    • Kewtech KEWLOK MCB/Toggle Main Switch Lockout with Combination Lock
    • Kewtech KITBAG 3 Carrying Case for KT1780/1790 Voltage Testers & Proving Unit

    KEWISO3 Datasheet