Kewtech KEW4200 Digital Earth Resistance Clamp Meter

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    Kewtech KEW4200 Digital Earth Resistance Clamp Meter

    Use this Kewtech KEW4200 Digital Earth Resistance Clamp Meter to carry out earth resistance testing procedures without the need to use auxiliary earth spikes.

    Capable of measuring earth resistance levels between a range of 0.05 and 1200Ω with high accuracy, it can also be used to gain a reading of AC current levels. The KEW4200 includes large jaws which are designed for clamping directly onto a targeted testing application.

    With built in noise checking, the KEW4200 is able to filter out noise problems and maintain accurate results. These results are also able to be stored directly on the tester (it features memory for 100 readings) and other additional features unique to this earth resistance clamp meter include a buzzer function, data hold and a backlit screen.

    Kewtech KEW4200 Technical Specifications

    Function Range Resolution Measuring Range Accuracy
    Earth resistance 20Ω 0.01Ω* 0.00 ~ 20.00( Ω) ±1.5% ±0.05 Ω
    Auto Range 200Ω 0.1(Ω) 16.0 ~ 99.9( Ω)
    100.0 ~ 209.9( Ω)
    ±2% ±0.05 Ω
    ±3% ±2 Ω
    Auto Range 1200Ω 1(Ω 160 ~ 399( Ω)
    400 ~ 599( Ω)
    ±5% ±5 Ω
    ±10% ±10 Ω
    Auto Range 1200Ω 10(Ω) 600 ~ 1260( Ω)
    AC Current 100mA 0.1(mA) 0.0 ~ 104.9(mA) ±2% ±0.7 Ω
    [50Hz/60Hz] 1000mA 1(mA) 90 ~ 1049(mA)
    Auto Range 10A 0.01(A) 0.80 ~ 10.49(A) ±2%
    30A 0.1(A) 8.0 ~ 31.5(A)
    Earth resistance function: Constant voltage injection
    Current detection (Frequency: approx 2400Hz)
    Dual Integration
    AC current function: Successive Approximation
    “OL” is displayed when input exceeds the upper limit of a measuring range.
    Response time Approx. 7 seconds (Earth resistance) Approx 2 seconds (AC current)
    Sample rate Approx. 1 times per second
    Power source DC6VL R6P (size AA manganese battery) x4 or LR6
    (size AA alkaline battery) x4
    Approx 12 hours (when R6P is used)
    Approx 24 hours (when LR6 is used)
    Auto power-off Turns power off about 10 minutes after the last button operation.
    Reading Type TRMS Ohms range uses rolling average
    IEC 61010-1: “001 (CAT.IV 300V Pollution degree 2)
    AC5320Vrms / 5 seconds
    Between the transformer jaws fitted parts and case enclosure (except for jaws)
    Conductor Size Approx. 32mm
    Dimensions 246(L) x 120(W) x 54(D)mm
    Weight Approx. 780g (including batteries)
    • True RMS clamp meter
    • Measures earth resistance level without using auxiliary earth spikes
    • Measurement range of 0.05 to 1200Ω
    • Noise check facility
    • Memory function stores up to 100 test records
    • Buzzer function
    • Data hold
    • Backlit LCD screen
    • Includes resistor for operation check
    • Compliant with IEC 61010-1 and CAT IV 300V
    • Kewtech KEW4200 Digital Earth Resistance Clamp Meter
    • Resistor for Operation Check
    • Hard Carry Case
    • Certificate of Conformity
    • Batteries
    • Instruction Manual