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Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter

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    Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter

    The Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter is an ideal multimeter for use practically anywhere thanks to its removable display. Simply connect up the meter to the application you wish to test, remove the screen and view testing data safely from a distance.

    A true RMS digital multimeter, the Fluke 233 is capable of carrying out AC voltage/current measurements with high accuracy when testing is carried out on non-linear signals. The device can be used to carry out AC/DC voltage measurements (both AC and DC) up to 1000V, current measurements up to 10A (or 20A for thirty seconds), capacitance up to 10000μF, frequency to 50kHz and also measures resistance, continuity and diode. It can also measure temperature levels thanks to a built-in thermometer.

    The detachable screen of the 233 can be used up to 10 metres away from the main testing body (that’s 33 feet) with absolutely no interference with measurement parameters. The screen is also fully magnetic, so users can set up their tester to carry out measurements, then mount the screen on a metallic surface where it’ll be easily visible. If you prefer it’s also possible to leave the screen connected to the meter and use the 233 like a conventional DMM.

    • True-RMS AC voltage and current measurements
    • Measures up to 1000V AC and DC
    • Current measurements
    • Capacitance measurements
    • Frequency measurements
    • Temperature measurement
    • Resistance testing
    • Continuity testing
    • Diode testing
    • Detachable wireless display works up to 10m away from the tester
    • Display is magnetic for easy mounting
    • Auto power down when left idle
    • MIN/MAX/AVG recording
    • Backlit screen with large digit display
    • Battery life lasts for approx 400 hours
    • Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter
    • Test Leads
    • Alligator Clips
    • 80BK-A Temperature Probe
    • AA Batteries