Amprobe AMP-310-EUR HVAC True RMS AC Clamp Meter

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    Amprobe AMP-310-EUR HVAC True RMS AC Clamp Meter

    The Amprobe AMP-310-EUR is the entry-level model in Amprobe’s AMP-300 series, a collection of three digital clamp meters suitable for testing electrical parameters and also for use in industrial areas, for testing motors and for HVAC applications.

    An AC only clamp meter, the AMP-310 can test AC current from 0 to 600.0A, plus precise low current from 0 to 60.00A. To test current, clamp the 30mm jaws directly around the wire you need to test, then get a reading directly on the built-in LCD screen.

    Using the included test leads, the AMP-310 can also be used to test various other electrical parameters. It’s capable of measuring AC and DC voltage, frequency, resistance, capacitance, diode and also includes a continuity testing function with integrated beeper.

    Exclusive to the Amprobe AMP-300 series is the inclusion of a DC microamps function for testing flame sensors (with range of 0.0 to 2000μA), temperature test (using a type K thermocouple probe), inrush current function and the ability to determine 3-phase and motor rotation indication using a special third port built into the meter’s body.

    Additional functions of this digital clamp meter includes true RMS accuracy (ensures accuracy is maintained on noisy circuits), a low pass filter for use on variable frequency drives and much more including MAX/MIN/AVG measurements and a built-in backlight for use in the dark.

    Amprobe AMP-310 Technical Specifications

    Safety Rating CAT III 600V
    Jaw Opening 1.18inches (30mm)
    AC Voltage (True RMS) Range: 0 to 600.0V
    Accuracy: ±1.0% 5LSD (50 to 60Hz)
    DC Voltage Range: 0 to 600.0V
    Accuracy: ±1.0% 5LSD
    AC Current (True RMS) Range: 0 to 600.0A
    Accuracy: ±1.8% 5LSD (50 to 100Hz), ±2.0% 5LSD (100 to 400Hz)
    Precise Low AC Current Range: 0 to 60.00A
    Accuracy: ±1.5% 5LSD (50 to 60Hz)
    Frequency Range: 5.00 to 999.9Hz
    Accuracy: ±1.0% 5LSD (600V range)
    Range: 50.0 to 400.0Hz
    Accuracy: ±1.0% 5LSD (600A range)
    Resistance Range: 0.0 to 60.00kΩ
    Accuracy: ±1.0% 5LSD
    Capacitance Range: 0.0 to 2500μF
    Accuracy: ±2.0% 4LSD
    Continuity Beeper On ≤ 10Ω
    OFF > 250Ω
    Non-Contact Voltage 10 to 1000V AC, 50/60Hz
    DC Microamps Range: 0.0 to 2000μA
    Accuracy: ±1.0% 5LSD
    Temperature (Type K Thermocouple) Range: -40 to 752°F (-40 to 400°C)
    Accuracy: -40.0 to 14.0°F (±1.0% 3.0°F), >14.0 to 99.9°F (±1.0% 1.5°F)
    100 to 752°F (±1.0% 2°F), -40.0 to -10.0°C (±1.0% 1.5°C)
    >-10.0 to 99.9°C (±1.0% 0.8°C), 100 to 400°C (±1.0% 1°C)
    3-Phase and Motor Rotation Indication Rotation-R for mains supply
    Rotation-M for motors
    Inrush Current Yes
    General Specs
    Display 3-5/6 digits, 6000 count
    Polarity Automatic
    Update Rate 5 seconds nominal
    Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
    Relative Humidity 80% at 30°C, 50% at 40°C
    Operating Altitude 0 to 2000m
    Pollution Degree 2
    Storage Temperature -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C), <80% RH
    Temperature Coefficient Nominal 0.15x (specified accuracy)/°C (0 to 18°C or 28 to 40°C)
    Battery 2 x AAA (1.5V)
    EMC Meets EN 61326-1:2006
    Safety Compliance UL/IEC/EN 61010-1 ed. 3.0,
    IEC/EN 61010-2-033 ed. 1.0,
    CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 61010-1
    ed. 3.0, IEC/EN 61010-2-032
    ed. 3.0 & IEC/EN 61010-031
    ed. 1.1
    Certification UL (c/us) and CE
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 8.62 x 3.03 x 1.46 inches (219 x 77 x 37mm)
    Weight 208g (0.46lbs)
    • Test AC current from 0 to 600.0A
    • Precision low AC current measurements from 0 to 60.00A
    • True RMS – ensures accuracy when testing on noisy circuits
    • AC/DC voltage measurements from 0 to 600V
    • 30mm clamp jaw opening
    • Frequency measurements from 5.00 to 999.9Hz
    • Resistance measurements from 0.0 to 60.00kΩ
    • Capacitance measurements from 0.0 to 2500μF
    • Continuity test with integrated beeper
    • Non-contact voltage detector built-in with range from 10 to 1000V AC (50/60Hz)
    • Low pass filter for testing on variable frequency drives
    • Autoranging digital clamp meter
    • Relative zero function
    • MAX/MIN/AVG functions
    • Diode test
    • Data hold function temporarily freezes the current value n the screen
    • Backlit LCD screen
    • Automatic power off when left idle
    • DC microamp function (for testing flame sensors) with range from 0.0 to 2000μA
    • Temperature measurements (using type K thermocouple)
    • 3-phase and motor rotation indication (rotation-R for mains supply, Rotation-M for motors)
    • Inrush current function
    • Amprobe AMP-310-EUR Clamp Meter
    • User Manual
    • Test Leads
    • Carrying Case
    • 2 x AAA Batteries
    • Alligator Clip Set
    • Banana Plug K-Type Thermocouple