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Megger EVCA210 Important Recall…..


Megger EVCA210 Important Recall…..

It has been identified that during the production of Megger EVCA210-UK (1012-732) EV Charge
Point Adapters, a number of additional mechanical supports for the internal cabling have been

Should one particular lead become detached, it could render the PE Pre-Test ineffective and
give a false reading to the operator or create a situation whereby the PE Pre-Test button
becomes live, giving rise to a potential electric shock hazard to the user.

As such, Megger have taken the decision to request all units are returned to have the relevant
modifications implemented, to ensure on-going customer safety. This work will be undertaken
by Megger directly at Dover – at no cost to end users – and will be completed as quickly as

To organise for the return of your adapter, please complete this form and e-mail directly to megger