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Fluke Re-Launch Fluke 28-II Ex Intrinsically Safe DMM


Fluke Re-Launch Fluke 28-II Ex Intrinsically Safe DMM

After being unavailable for many years, Fluke have now relaunched their popular ATEX Rated 28-II DMM, The Fluke 28-II Ex

The Fluke 28-II Ex equips you with all the testing and troubleshooting power you need wherever you go––inside or outside ATEX
zones 1 or 2,. No need to carry different meters for different areas, or worry about crossing through an Ex-required zone with
a non-Ex rated instrument.

Dust proof, drop proof, waterproof and EX certified for use in IIC (gas), zone 1, zone 2 and IIIIC (dust), zone 21 and zone 22 environments, this intrinsically safe multimeter ensures user safety at all times and delivers all the functionality you’d expect out of a Fluke multimeter.

The 28 II can be used to measure DC/AC voltage from 0.1mV up to 1000V, DC/AC current from 0.1μA to 19A, resistance from 0.1Ω to 50MΩ, conductance up to 60nS, diode testing to 2.0V, duty cycle from 0% to 99.9^, capacitance from 10nF to 9999μF, frequency from 0.5Hz to 199.99kHz and temperature from -200 up to 1090°C.

Access to the separate battery compartment makes it easy to change batteries or fuses without jeopardizing instrument

If you need an ATEX rated DMM, look no further than the Fluke 28-II Ex, we now have this popular unit on the shelf in stock for FAST delivery – these are the NEW model, with the very latest certification.

The Unit meets the following recognised safety standards:

Fluke 28-II Ex Safety Certifications